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I read on the site here in special projects that 25 20" frames were made. I recently bought # 28. I also see one recently posted here with a higher serial number than that. How were these numbered? Were more made later? I'd be interested in a registry to see where they all are now.

Sorry Doug, I have Nomorea information for you on this one....LOL, sorry had to....
I know real bad pun......
Iv'e often wondered about this myself, I understood that 25 each of the 20" and 24" versions were made, but I own 24" #034. which would imply that at least that many were made.
This came up before, but I don't think anyone ever determined exactly how many were produced.
I remember that it was said that several 24" frames were destroyed during the polishing process and that the total number was around 21 frames shipped.
If that truly is the case, then why the serial #s over 25
The serial #'s go to at least 34 in both the 20" and 24" versions.
Maybe someone should ask Bill R. @ Supercross. I would imagine that if anyone had the answer, he would.

I love my NoMoreA, and my Azusa (Azusa won first place at Rockford '06.................not in the 24" retro class (didn't think to enter), but in the 46-50 cruiser class).
I plan on keeping them forever, but it would be nice to know what the actual production numbers were.
Sorry Doug, I have Nomorea information for you on this one....LOL, sorry had to....
I know real bad pun......

Boooo Hissssssss
How many 26"s were made? Mine says "ABC26005"
Woody's Hot Rods
Don't quote me on this but I believe that the 20 inch Azusa bikes were 1 through 25(27 actually). Then since they had the tooling they decided to do the Nomorea's and went in sequence after the Azusa's. ABC was Azusa Bike Company. So my guess is that ABC20027 is the last Azusa 20 inch and the first Nomorea would be ABC20028. As far as the ABC26005 Randy, I think they only made around a half dozen of those. They didn't do a 26 Azusa so that's why that number would be so low on a Nomorea. That's just my take on things. I could be all wet. Anyone else??
Yep, my Azusa 20 is number 27.
That makes sense Woody, my Azusa is ABC24024
and the Nomorea is ABC24034. Which puts both within the 25 each production #'s if they were numbered sequentialy to avoid S/N duplication.

Just to verify this, is there anyone out there with a Nomorea serial # below 25? (27)
So by this theory, I have the first Nomorea 20" ABC20028. Cool.

Woody's Hot Rods
That's my guess.

I've got ABC26003
This site says a handfull of 26's. Is that five and I have the last one made? With this small a number, let's see if we can find out who has them.

Roc has ABC26003
Slayer has ABC26005

Where the other few?
26" Nomorea # ABC26001 in the house.
Woody's Hot Rods
I saw a white 26er on Ebay not too long ago. The guy said it was Bill Ryan's. Not sure what number it was or if he even stated the number.
Woody, what was the serial on my/your blue 26?
Woody's Hot Rods
Slayer has it now. ABC26005.
That's right Mr. Hays! It's all mine now.
Yeah, I was lucky enough that Woody let it go to me. I'm real happy with how it built up. I was able to see how Woody had it built and would love to see a pic of it when you had it. I will be posting pics of mine soon. I'm just waiting on getting a set of decals from Nic so I can shoot some shots of it completed.
oldschoolfool - ABC26001
Roc - ABC26003
Slayer - ABC26005
Nic Johnson99
I have these:

24" Gold, ABC24037 (previously Woody's)
24" Polished, ABC24049 (ebay, unknown)
20" Red Ano, ABC20034 (previously Randy's)
I now have ABC20028 (first one!) biggrin.gif
previously wagonguy (Doug)

I owe Doug Big time on this! ( Thanks Brother! )
I'm suprised we couldn't locate the other 26's. I'd like to know the exact # of these made and if mine was the last one made. They are by no means perfect, but I love the one I have. Thanks Woody & Brian for letting it go. The wife loves it.
Click to view attachment
thats totally sweet. i see you found a place for that moots post dry.gif
That was part of why I went with this frame. I was able to use the post. I did add a Brooks Leather saddle(Tan with Ti rails) to the bike to finish it off. It's built a bit smaller for my wife but I can still hop on it and rip around no problem. I just can't sit down and pedal with any comfort. That post has a nice flex to it adding almost a suspension to the bike.
I've got a polished 20" ABC26042
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