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Just thinking how cool it would be if Skyway would build a modern day T/A. If GHP and Kuwahara can do it why not?
It's all about whether or not they could make money doing it. I'm sure they could build them easily enough, they certainly have all of the materials and probably some tooling left. I don't think it's cost effective though. Ask GH how much money a frame company makes and you'll likely have your answer.

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I'd love to get this project done, and it's been on my mind for the last 3 years now.
Thing is.... Skyway themselves do not have any interest in getting back into anything more than wheel-making. And since the BMX Tuff Wheel side of their business only equals about 5% of their total business, it makes it even more unlikely.
BUT..... ya never know. The "colored Tuff Wheel" business that we've been doing has definitely sparked a new demand for Skyway wheels, and Skyway certainly has put a good amount of trust in what I'm doing with them with, so maybe a frame is not totally out of the question just yet!
Believe me... it's been brought up more than a few times already........
and also....... I think that i would do a T/A cruiser first......
I second that.....
you could sign me up if they ever pull a CHROME and teal street scene out of the warehouse
T/A cruiser PLEASE!!!!
24" Skyway TA ?? ... HECK YEA !! where do I sign up ??

Ed just make a list of all who is interested myself for a cruiser t/a myself and keep them handy
GFR Industries
Add me then too.
Me too........
I'd still like to have some 24" Tuffs with disc brake mounts. I'm a patient boy.
here here on the cruiser.
Capt. Nemo
I'm flying out to Skyway the first week in March to have a meeting with the head honchos there. This will be discussed!

Stay tuned!

I should have a good story to tell when I get back! (Especially after hanging out with Bartwatchitdude for a few days!!! )
Please lobby for the cassette hub in the Tuff Wheels (graphite and colored). Tuff Wheels on a bike with 23/8 gearing would be lovely.
Average Joe
I could go for a cruiser or an xl 20". How about classic white.
White is more probable than chrome.... but we'll try!
Count me in for wanting one! ... with graphites, of course. ; o )

Cheri Elliott
Hi Cheri!!
Glad to see you here on VintageBMX!! You were always one of my favorite Skyway riders!
I'll keep you posted!
I will take a TA and a street scene. I mena how many street scenes are still in existance Almost nobody here posts them up for pics so there has to be some frame and fork sets hiding somewhere CHROME PLEASE

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GFR Industries
24" in white with white tuffs.....
t nile
Cheri Elliot?! Cool, welcome.
TuRBo Todd Britton
I'd be interested in a 24.
t nile
Who wouldn't? Not to be negative, but I can't see this gettin off the ground. Would be sweet, but....
GFR Industries
It would be nice to see another retro build get off the ground without any problems. So far only the SE's have done so lately.
t nile
Thats why I would be sruprised to see it.
Capt. Nemo
I guess it depends on WHO decides to build it.
Hai Cheri, greetings from Singapura. You've been my greatest female bmxer of all times. Hailz!

Yeah, if Cheri want it I oso wants it too ;)P
You might mention to the Skyway people that one of their most famous riders is up for a cruiser. Good to hear from another legend in the sport. Thanks for posting, Cheri.

Also, there is a chroming operation in Shasta Lake city, right next to to Redding. It's called Walkers custom chrome. They've done bars and crank arms for me in the past and they turned out nice. A Skyway cruiser retro build would be SO nice.....
Average Joe
Any news???

A frosty white TA to go please...
Hi Guys!
I'm here at Skyway right now. Been here for a couple days now, and having a blast!! My first stop after landing in Sacramento was Patriot Bike Shop. Wow! Got alot of inspiration there!
The Skyway factory is AWESOME!
I have a meeting with the guys in the morning, then I get to watch colored Tuff Wheels being born! I'll have pics in a few days.....
Anybody up for lavendar Tuff Wheels? We're thinking about running off a few...

I'll post again on Thursday to let ya know how the meeting goes!!
Average Joe
Ed, thanks for the update!

Looking forward to the pics.
i have been thinking of some tuffs as well as a lavender white and purple ano bike so mabye what kind of air pressure can you run in your tires with tuffs as i like arround 80 psi
I'll buy lavender ones if you can put a flip flop hub in there. No hesitation. A coaster brake?
Walter Holda
Ed, how are the Graphite 24's looking?
Deans 35th
Ed, how are the Graphite 24's looking?
That's what I'm waiting for.
If they make a Skyway 24" with a 15" or shorter chainstay I'm buying one!

DISCLAIMER!- The following info is really very premature, so this is NOT an official "press-release", but rather a "Here's what we've been talking about" follow-up to the subject.
As a fellow member of the VintageBMX community I am placing this info here, under this topic, because I know some of you are super-psyched about this, and want to know the latest developments on this....
So..... Here we go!

I had a meeting with the 4 owners of Skyway yesterday. ONE topic was building a new, retro inspired Skyway T/A frame, with modern geometry.
Now, as a bit of back-story...... Skyway, although they have moved on to produce mainly non-BMX related items, is a company that loves their roots, which is BMX. From the moment you open the front door of the factory, every wall and office in the building has some kind of Skyway BMX related item. From trophies, to posters, to original blueprint drawings, Skyway still shows off how much they love BMX! (and guys- don't bother calling them about any of it- none of it is for sale!)

OK... back to the story.... As we discussed building a new T/A, you can feel new energy and excitement from the guys as we discussed things in detail.
Two hours later they gave me the thumbs up to prepare both a 20" and a 24" T/A prototype!
We'll make an official announcement once the prototypes have been made, and were all happy about the design!
Hold on to your horses.... we're gonna start working on the 25th Anniversary T/A's!! Stay tuned!

Outside of the huge Skyway factory in Redding, CA!

One of the five machines that makes Skyway's Tuff Wheels.

This is inside the wheel molding machine. This pic shows both sides of the Tuff 2 wheel mold. If you own a set of Tuffs that were made in the 80's, chances are this machine made them!

This display sits in Ken Coster's office. (Ken is the President of Skyway, and has been with the company for over 30 years, and is one of the owners.)
t nile
Wow, thats great news. Hopefully it comes through.
I think it will! We have a "top" guy that going to help make it happen. We'll announce who that is later though...! LOL....
Capt. Nemo
Man, what a great time to be a retro-bmx fan. No more retro wannabees, let's all line up for the REAL THING!

First an SE Quad and PK, and now a Skyway T/A. Man, I'm in retro heaven.
I'll say this: this would be much cooler than the SE project. There is something about the same company doing this three decades later, versus the company that owns the brand that has changed hands a few times releasing a frame.
Think about it: what other brands are still run by the same people? Not GT, Mongoose, Haro, SE, etc. Doesn't this make Skyway more authentic somehow?
Of course, S&M is celebrating 20 years this year, and doesn't that actually kick butt on all the companies with regard to sticking with the culture for the longest without changing hands?
And in the spirit if beating a dead horse, wouldn't it be cool to see the Tuff-Wheels modernized with cassette hubs? The new TA frames will have new geometry!
I am soooo glad I asked the question.............
Wadeaminute, You are SO true! It will be so cool to see a Retro frame, and maybe a complete bike come from the same factory, 25 years later, made by the same people. I have a really old Kabar U.S MArine Corp. Knife, and a new one. The new one is the exact knife, made at the same factory, by the same people in Oleans, NY 25 years later. This si just like that, and like I have said before, It is ALL thanks to Ed Ferri, getting them to do this. Thanks Buddy.
Capt. Nemo
I wont split hairs with you wadeaminute, but you do have a point. But remember, the ONLY reason Skyway is still around is BECAUSE they branched out away from BMX.

My whole point is now we don't have to settle for cheap repops by shady characters or "tribute" bikes that have nothing to do with the original brand, other than looks. We are definetly entering a new era, and I'm excited.
King of Pipeline
T/A cruiser,, They would sell out in a day. What is Skyway waiting for. I guess, do they even have the means to do it. Don't they just do wheels now
Skyway's main business is wheels, but they do a good abount of other things as well, as their production facility can make different products.
T/A cruiser.... it'll be alot of fun! As one of the owners of the original T/A cruiser, I'm more psyched to get this one done!
Oh yeah..... we're talking about doing both white and chrome for both sizes....
We'll see though!
And another thing....
I think that old-school companies that are doing retros have a GREAT idea!
Sure, SE Bikes has changed hands a few times, but ya gotta admit, Todd Lyons is the man that has brought SE where it is today, and he's doing an awesome job there. 3 years ago when I went to the races, I never saw an SE out there. Now, I see tons of SE's out there on the track! So, props to Todd for doing a great job!
Also- Redline's retro frame was an awesome piece of work!
And.... can't forget about Greg Hill bringing back GHP. His cr-mo retro GHP's were VERY sweet!

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Average Joe
Holy $%*!... I almost cursed.

Ed, it is great to have someone like you advocating for us and communicating with us. It is also nice to see that you have a passion for the work/hobby.

As far as opinions about which retro project is more authentic, I say give it a rest. I'm not an SE guy, but I'm glad they are doing what they are doing. I see the excitement the SE guys have & the hard work/fun TL does to help that brand.
We're all here because we love bikes. I understand the appreciation for Skyway still being a good ole American co. but SE and many others can't help that they were sold or acguired I am happy to see any co. try to put out a retro bike
Average Joe
See: Ed gets it.
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