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Willie S.
Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm thinking of having some simple parts stripped and redone. I'm just wondering about the expense, where to locate people that do this, and what I should look out for/be aware of.
I'd stick with someone local to you and not ship parts far away unless you live out in the sticks (then I'd ship them with FedEx Ground...cheaper and trackable). Look under plating or metal finishers in your local yellow pages.
But before you go to that trouble I can tell you that most shops who handle anodizing have batch charge minimums so if you only have a couple of small parts it WILL be expensive. Time to round up your VBMX homies and get them on the same page colorwise and then it will work out financially.
make sure you get hard (0.0015" approx) it will not scratch/rub/wear as easily as soft/normal (0.0007"approx).

also, try to polish before as its a far superior finish.
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