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I was thinking of going to a sign shop. Do I have to heat up and remove the old decals from the frame? Do the originals have to be perfect? Is there a good web site for FONTS?

I had a local sign shop make decals for my Powerlite. They took measurements off of the decals while still on the frame, and went through their source books and found the right font. The decals I needed were white with a red drop shadow. We used a 2 layer setup - the red, bottom layer represented the full letter plus the drop shadow shape. The white letters were applied over the red. This was all done with plotter cut vinyl. They look awesome. Cost me $30.
Sounds easy enough. Thanks
billn could you send me some pics of your decals?I need a set for my 3 bar cruiser.Could you hook me up if they are the correct type?


I went to a shop that actually screen prints decals rather than thermal printing, so it would look authentic. They were screened in the 1970's and 80's so I figured screening would be good for authentic reproductions. I just find one on a bike that I want, carefully scrape it off, tape it to a white piece of typing paper, and had it to an artist at the sign shop. They then scan it a let the computer work wonders. Most shops like this have similar fonts available.{ similar to your decal}

As soon as I gert some pics of the bike I'll post them. I'll make sure to do a close up of the decals. My understanding is that the cruiser decals are just one color, with no drop shadow. Is that correct? The decals on my fork were solid white, and the frame were white with the red shadow. What color would you need?
How do you repro decals you ask?

Here is the method I recently learned from people on this site:

1. You get a good quality pic of a real set.

2. Then you list it on e-bay as a repro with a quantity of 30 @ $50 each.

3. Be sure and require immediate payment from a verified checking account.

4. Send e-mails to all the buyers and let them know that now you have all of the money required to undertake such a large endeavor (as a hobby mind you). Note: Some people will assuredly think that you already had the decals for sale, not sure why they will think this, but they always make that mistake when you list things on e-bay for sale, they make wild assumptions about you actually having the product you're advertising.. weird.. ok anyways...

5. Take as much time as you need to make high quality reproductions.. six months.. one year, no problem so long as the quality is there.

6. Send most of them out after about a year.

7. For reasons that will be known only to you, hold on to about 7 sets that you still owe people who paid last year.

8. List on e-bay that you have about 10 more sets.

9. If people e-mail you and say something along the lines of "Are you sure they'll be shipped quickly? Because I've seen your year long track record.", quickly respond with something like: "They are in envelopes and ready to go out, if you pay me by midnight tonight, I can mail them out tomorrow."

10. Don't mail them.

11. If people complain, then take note of the loudest ones and then send out all the remaining decals except for them, begin the 7 day process of refunding their money, afterall, they are bad.. bad people for expecting you to ship.

And by now you're probably asking yourself, why would I want to do all that? No one will like me on this board anymore... but au contrare mon frere! You will have people tripping over themselves to defend the quality of your decals.

-You're welcome!

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I take it this happened to you Astrodamus ???
I took a set down to a local printer and they simply scanned them put them into the computer did the marvels that computers can do now days and wallah a perfect reproduction of some decals. I did however leave out a period that was on the original decals. I did not want to make the exact replica as they are a repop and are for my use only.

Becareful should you or anyone make them for ebay because some companies to take offense at the repop's that are out there. Cook Bros is one of them. Notice no period after the Bros.

Best of luck and enjoy.

I couldn't agree more as to what (and who!!) you are talking about!!!!!
did someone say FONTS???

FONTS FONTS FONTS (but you gotta pay for them)
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