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my frame had some 20 year old sticker residue on it that i couldnt get off.
used some "goof-off" that the use for paint clean up,and it came right off
it was freakin amazing.
bought it at home depot in the paint supply section.
That works well on overspray too if you have a frame with spray paint or any paint splatter on it.
Good 'ol alchohol works too.
WD40 too....sniff enough of that Goof Off and your unborn children are going to have gills and an eye on their forehead.

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Promise?? I have a little one on the way and I am all about the eye on the forehead thing!! Carnival here we come!!
belive it of not clay bar for auto paint works great for both over spray and goo. It is a eraser for paint and will also remove the stuborn dirt stain from the paint.
Wax also works great for sticker goo. it removes the goo when rubbed on and wiped off.
Methanol or WD40..........either one works just fine.
Andy J.
Kids don't try this at home... I just used 1 and 1/2 gallons of laquer thinner to get a bunch of that goo off my truck. I removed the "stainless" rocker protectors that run the length of the truck and they left a BUNCH of that crap! I took off the factory body molding that left strips of the 3m double sided tape. the thinner didn't hurt the paint and it took the goo right off but you MUST be careful it is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE!!!!!!!! I must emphasise (spelling) that if you do try this you be willing to take a chance of ruining your paint or powder. I dont think it will hurt chrome or nickle.
When I started using the thinner on the truck I was willing to wreck the paint cause I am going to start doing body mods soon... also you have to work in a very well ventilated area since the fumes will knock you on your keyster and leave you with that goofy feeling that you got back in high school when you shared that funny looking cigarette with that stoner
Chris B
Goo Gone. Citrus Acid so it doesn't smell bad and works as good as anything on the market. Also another product which doesn't smell as good is called Rapid Remover and it can be purchased from most Sign Supply Warehouses. It's what professional sign/graphic installers use to remove old vinyl decals before applying new ones. Lots of heat before stripping helps tremendously as well.
Agreat product is NeverDull. I am not sure if is available in the US, but popular in Canada. It looks like of cotton, but with a chemical solution soaked in. Just a small (finger size) piece removes all kind of sticker gunk.
NeverDull removes brake rub from polished alloy rims as well!!!
Yo Chemical Brothers...
Goof-Off and 3M Adheasive Remover are basically high-dollar Xylene repackaged and should be handled with caution (nitrile gloves). They can and have dissolved certain types of plastic so watch out...may also Fup a thinning factory paint job. WD-40 is safer, however, if you are going back over the surface with either new paint or decals you will need to remove ALL the oil contamination caused by the WD-40. A safer bet is the newer water-based Goof-Off although it's not as aggro. Another tip is to soak whatever solvent you are going to use in cheese cloth and wrap it around the area for at least 15 minutes. Lacquer thinner is a bad idea because it flashes off too quickly even with the cheese cloth trick and is very flammable.
Clean Solve by a company called Wurth works wonders. It's an aerosol. I know, I sell the stuff.
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