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Hello Folks,
I hope some of the experts here can help! I have a set of Campagnolo HF Record hubs that I want to laceup and use on my bike. I have been told that you have to swap out the axels or something, in order to use them. Is this difficult? Can one get the parts easily for this? Are you still able to use all of the cones, bearings, washers that originally came with the hubs, or do those have to be changed as well? And finally, back in the day, I forgot if folks used the quick release levers that were many times on the Campy Hubs, or if it is best to remove the quick release levers, and use regular nuts and washers? Sorry for all the questions, look forward to all the advice! Thanks!
You want to remove the axels (they are hollow) and the use axle nuts and not the quick release. That set up is for road/touring bikes and not suited for BMX racing/jumping.

The hubs you want are Campy track hubs (in you want the Record hubs) with solid axles.

You can get the axle sets (includes axles, cones, locknuts, and axle nuts) from a store like Business Cycles in Miami

Unless you are a stickler for ONLY Campy parts, I would reccomend the aftermarket sets. They run about $50 for front and rear set ups. The Campy axlenuts alone are about $24 EACH!

They are easy to swap out as long as you have the cone wrenches (I think they are 14 and 15mm) you should be able to get them at any local bike shop or go to Dans and get Park wrenches.
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