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O.K., so it's been since about '88 that I've been on a 1/4 pipe-I was never spectacular, but I could hold my own-and always used my race bike. I've been looking at my old photos, and it got my pretty motivated. I had some free time and I've been chomping at the bit to go ride this one I've seen in my area. It's about 8' tall and really wide. The first thing I notice about it is two things-it seems to have a decent amount of Vert, but more importantly There's a pipe across the top rail that goes 'out' to the ramp about 1/4 to 1/2"-that I guess is supposed give me some 'kick'.
I was taking it pretty easy, but I did manage to get a little air, but got caught on the top, my rear tire slide a few feet over across the rail-and I went down . (by the way I was on an 84 jmc w/ comp 3's(yeah, I know, but it worked great BITD...)-
So, my question is ANY sound advice on riding ramps and getting back into it?? Thanks in advance. By the way-it was a blast, but time is rare these days..

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Walter Holda
I'm sorry, can't help you with the ramp riding. Happy to see that you are out there doing it though. Posts some pics of that JMC and better yet, of you on that JMC hitting that Ramp!

Have fun and be safe...Gear UP!
Brian P
start low and work back up to it..... it doesnt come back to you as easliy as you think. i recently rode a mini-half and thought i could get right back on it after a few year hiatus.....


i still had it but not nearly as good as i thought i might....


im gonna build one again

good luck, and dont feel like a wuss if you put pads and a helmet on

oh yeah, injuries--especially the noggin--are no joke. I wear at least a helmet at the park; that's hard concrete man...
You want to carve your air, not do a 180. Start below coping and flaot it around. As you get comfortable spotting your landing, you can start going faster and straighter up. Take your time. Smooth is more important than high.
I really appreciate all the help.
pwh-that makes sense and I think I just got a little anxious- Maybe the 'pipe' at the coping that I was talking about is all in my head-just never had one like it on our ramp (that we made from the old BMXA how to article a while back.)
Walter- I'd love to post a pic-but I'm the only one out there-kinda sad actually. I mean this facility has a track, a skate park, ramps, everything...Wish I had all that BITD-but that's a whole other topic.
Keep the advise coming-I'm all ears-or eyes..
get a real bike first and stop using race tires when riding ramps. also get some gloves, a helmet and maybe some kneepads that you can wear under your pants.

i prefer v-monster tires, but there are tons to chose from.
This is good for me, as in the Fall when indoor half-pipe opens again I'm going to give it a whirl.

In Hoffman's biography, Ride of My Life, I seem to remember him saying it's important to keep your eye on the coping (that pipe that gives you "kick"). Can anyone comment on that or do I have to read it again?
Yes, the coping is your friend. Kinda like the lines painted down the middle of the road. It also helps prevent pinch flats. You have to watch the coping to land smoothly.
Actually, the pipe's there to make it so grinds and stalls... well, maybe not easier, but so that grinds and stalls cause less damage to the ramp.

Listen to pwh... he knows. Just try to carve the ramp, and, as you get more comfortable, go higher, until you're carving off the top. My problem with ramps and jumping was that I would always force myself to get the air... I was always using muscle power instead of depending on flow. I'd be busting my *** to get very little air, and my variations were always rushed and dead-sailor ugly. I still don't jump right, but at least I know what I do wrong now.
well, I took the words of advice and tried not to rush it. It went well-there's so much room to work with, but I'm still only using about a 6' wide pattern-guess my old habits are slllowwllly (I mean slowly-I can't believe how much you lose it if you don't use it) coming back. Just smooth carving felt pretty good. How about some pics of anyone who's reading this, past or present..I know you've got 'em..
Also, I appreciate the response, and my body thanks you.
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