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1) First "real" FS bike was a 87'-ish Skyway Street Beat Pink(Got a LOT of s#i+ for having a pink bike)
2) Was the summer of eighty seven
3) 14yrs old
4) Traded it in '88 for a '86 Master
SE Mark
1) White PK Ripper/ Babyblue decal's Replica of "Mike Buff's PK"
2) Febuary 83
3) 16
4) Sold it to buy 78 Cobra Mustang in 85
1) 1984 Redline RL20 Prostyler
2) Either late 83 or early 84. It was a pre-production with no serial number or fork pegs.
3) 18
4) Sold original f/f to buy an RL20II in '85. Then traded a GT Peformer a while later to that guy to get the frame and fork back to have as a second bike for jumping and riding in winter. I don't remember what I did with it after that. I am fearful that I may have traded it in on a mountain bike. Oh the agony.

22 years later I rebuilt her as I had her later in the year:
diamond dean
1. 1984 GJS freestyler frame and fork
2. christmas 84
3. 13/14 DOB 31-12-1970
4. YES


i can't remember my very first one but this is the only pic i have of one of my first bikes..

1) 86 haro master w/ blue dyno bars
2) 86
3) 14
4) nope, i can't remeber for the life of me what happened to it.??????? all i have are memories in the pic..

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My Father took this photo of me in 1982. I was 9 years back then, had never even heard of "BMX". However that was my first-ever 20 inch "boy's bike" that i used for BMX-type all around speeding, carving and whatever else you might come up with when you're 9. At one time even had "exhaust pipes" on the back to resemble a motocrossbike, lol!

As for actual BMX/Freestyle:

1) First bike, early 80's Italian Carraro BMX racing bike converted into a freestyler. First real bike was '88 Master.
2) Took me as late as 1988 to actually find and realize the sport of freestyle BMX (for the record, there's is no BMX, let alone Freestyle roots in Finland earlier than late 80's so that's why we were bit "late" here with everything..)
3) I was 15 at the time.
4) Sold (the Carraro) shortly after i bought it cause it simply sucked as a freestyle bike and finally got the '88 Master.
Recently i found another Carraro BMX f&f, exactly the same i had and it's currently under massive restoration process, more bout that later...

1, 1984 Gen 1 Haro Master (chrome)
2, 1984
3, 14
4, Yes still got it, got stolen around 93/4 got it back and restored it.
RL-20II Guy
1) 1987 Redline RL-20A Black & Chrome (87 Color scheme) (they sold it as an 88 then)
2) 1989/90?
3) 16
4) Have a 'exact' replica of it now

I traded it back in at my shop for a GT Pro Series Frame/Forks/seatpost/bars and Team Jersey to get there sponcership with GT/Robonson. It was a $199 package deal from GT.


Back then, I thought it was newer then 88, and I was wrong, it was older than 88.

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'84 Haro master
summer of '84
13 yrs old
cracked it a year later
jamie wright
85 green master
fall 84
12 yrs old
had it for a year and then traded the frame for a trickstar. I've no idea where it ended up.
jamie wright
oops. got it fall 85 ^
Not Eddie Roman
Wow, most of you guys have better long-term memories than I do.

1) 1984 Hutch Trick Star, chrome
2) 1985?
3) 14? (if it was '85—no worries, I know how old I am)
4) No longer with us.

It was one of the early ones (no fork pegs) that a friend owned—then his mom ran it over. The frame was fine, the fork was trashed. I sent it back to Hutch, and after waiting a month (at least) with no word, I bought a candy apple red replacement from a local shop. Roughly three months after THAT, a Trick Star II fork showed up in the mail.

I had it set up with white Skyway E-Z bars, red freewheel Tuffs, and some sort of white tires. In '88 or '89 I replaced the Tuffs with an RL Edge wheelset (from Trend) with the RL hub. Not long after that, I found a crack in the downtube near the gusset and sent it back to Hutch. They must have gone out of business (or changed ownership) around the same time, because I never heard from them again.

After that I built up some sort of warranty replacement Schwinn Predator frame with all my FS stuff including the Skyway bars and red fork, and rode it for a year or so before it was stolen from in front of my dorm at the University of Delaware. Then I went through a variety of hand-me-down frames, including a first-generation MCS Styler, an '85 Sport, an '85 Master, a GT Aggressor, a GT PFT and a pair of bashguard Bullys. Pretty much all of those broke.

I do have a chrome Trick Star of the same vintage as my original one now, but it's built up very differently—more of a vague Mike D. replica. No way I could have afforded to build up my original bike this way.

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