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Man it's hard to believe that it was 20 years ago already. November 14, 1986.
On a cold November day, in a pole barn that housed a race track in Le Sueur MN the KOV series started... if you were there, you know how insane that day was, share your stories from the event with the other kids.

Ron W. in practice:

1.Mike Dominguez
2.Josh White
3.Ron Wilkerson
4.Randy Tischmann

1.Dale Matson
2.Krt Schmidt
3.Thad Miller
4.Ryan Benning
5.Brian Dahl
6.Tim Krueger
7.John Hughes
8.Rob Stieger

This was the first time the club homeboy stickers were ever tossed into a contest pit...

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Jeff S
I have a few minutes of video footage from that contest. Ive been including that with the dvd set. Its on the disc with the skatepark footage. Looked awesome.

How many people were there watching? I thought it was pretty impressive how Wilkerson and some other guys were pulling that footplant on one of the ceiling rafters!

Anyone actually have the whole contest on tape?


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Man, there weren't more than a few hundred people there, but it was SUPER loud. And SUPER cold. There were a couple kerosene heaters going full bore and it was barely anything.

My highlights:
- Looking over my right shoulder and seeing Mike D and Josh standing next to me. I played it cool and said "hey" as I wanted to freak out
- Evesdropping on a conversation that Lew, John Ker and Guy-B were having at lunch a the DQ down the street. They were in the booth behind me, I thought I was going to hear the scoop on something...
- The am runs were awesome
- Windy...
- Lew
- the flatland session behind the ramp and watching Jeff Tollefson (aka RL on Vintage) tearing it up- who would have thought that we'd still be talking about this years later?
- Sticker toss!
There are a couple different tapes floating around with footage from the contest. There is one that supposedly has EVERYTHING on it, I'd love to see that footage!
STRIKE, were you shooting pics that day?
To this day I still distinctly remember being at the Burnsville shopping center that day with my mom.
All the while whising I was at the comp watching...
Jeff S
Yeah if ANYONE has a tape of the full event, please let us know. The small part that I have is great.

Wish I'd been there...

Aw, what the heck...I've got quite a few more 2-Hip pics I haven't shown in a while.


Every time they'd do a footplant, the place reverberated a big BOOOOOOM.
nice pics....20 years,how time flies when your having fun...
I remember being there the night before the comp. watching some practice. Marty Schlesinger would have easily won the amature comp.

I was on the deck watch Marty doing airs. Very smooth and high. He got about 6 feet out, and hooked the back wheel and fell all the way to flat. Then broken collarbone.

Also I was very amazing with Randy Tischman's flatland. He was just busting all these moves that were so sick.

Also when you were behind the ramp, from the back. I remember just seeing Mike D. skying over the top. All you could see was him, flying over the vert into the rafters..
Randy was way underated, he deserved way more coverage than he got. Randy Roll forever!
Would that picture of Joe Johnson's one-footed invert be on the Hurricane ramp here in Houston?
The first 2-hip comp, right here in Minnesota. One of the highlights for me was watching Randy Tischman ride flatland behind the ramp. I remember seeing him over there riding. Everyone else was watching the vert practice, but I was stoked to see this amazing riding going on over on the other side.
I remember asking him to show me a flatland routine, and he did about a minute straight of awesome tricks.
Awesome day, awesome good time. I know all us Midwest Kids were stoked beyond belief. I took video and pictures that day, all from the deck of the ramp. But all of it has been misplaced. It will turn up someday - I'm a packrat.

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Was going to start the thread on the anniversary but since you guys are going for it now...

The task of moving the ramp to Le Sueur was a HUGE task and to reassemble it...hats off to Charlie and Marty for that!

The place was cold but hey we are from up North so stop your complaining! Just kidding but remember when Mike and Josh walked in and saw a puzzled yet this could be really gnarly look on their faces. Mike had his girlfriend with him.

They talked quite a bit and even sat around watching the locals, Wilkerson, and Tischmann bust it out.

Mike practiced with sweatpants and when he rode the ramp for the first time the place quieted down until he blasted a huge was like the '87 World Series in the Metrodome there!

Josh started to ride and was so smooth and a ton of variations in practice.

Ron and Mike were conversing about the rafters and Ron did some airs to check it out to do a footplant. Thought he was going to crash the way he came in but as Ron is, always seems to land fine.

Mike did a couple airs then BAM, extends his leg out and pulls it off! Ron immediately stepped it up and pulled it too but when he did it the rafter flexed and thought he may crash again because of how much he had to push off. The place erupted and we knew this was going to be a totally rad contest.

Josh and Randy didn't try the plant but man did they fly high! Mike though was the king of high and ultimately won due to those airs, 540's & over the channel, channel variations, fakies, multiple rafter plants, alleyoops, pedal stall, and flowin' so well!

Ron with nose picks, acid drops, variations, and finished it off with a 540.

Josh with jammin' salmon airs, 540's & over the channel, tons of variations, but not the intensity usually seen.

Tischmann's first run his back tire hung up in the channel and OTB! He seemed to regroup and blast some high airs but consistently landed hard so he had to pedal/pump alot wasting energy. Great opposite one hander one footers!

As the guys have stated Randy was underrated on the ramps and flatland too! He was innovative and had high energy, reminded me of DMC. We had a two man jam circle goin' and what a fun time riding with another Pro. Talk about tryin' to get your brakes to work...totally sketchy but that's what made it fun that day!

Schlesinger was so bummed that day and it would have been great to see the trio of Dale, Krt, and Marty battle it out again. Believe Marty just got picked up by Mongoose at that time or that wasn't public knowledge yet?

How about Ned's runs, framestand air, boomerangs, flatland, lookbacks, etc!!!!!!!!!!

Matson was on fire with the highest amature airs and variations.

Krt had the Grizz airs over the channel, tables, and threw in some 540's...under coping but the only amature doin' them that day.

I could write a book about that day so I'll shut up now with this image...

awesome pics and the memories are even better
Krt Schmidt
I could write a small book about that day too! I'll have to do that on the blog when I get a chance.

I remember John Ker taking photos of a bunch of us riding flatland on the highway while it sprinkled snow all around. The whole day was surreal.

I almost blew it off because I didn't even know where it was being held. Dale was supposed to call me and let me know where it was and when we could ride. He didn't call me until late the night before to let me know that they had just gotten back from practice. Practice? Practice? Thanks for blowing me off! Anyways, a friend of mine talked me into going the morning of the comp and the rest is history.

I just made an .MPG of the video I have of the day. I'm handing that over to Mikko so he can show it off at The Faction winter meeting.
So that was Mike D's girlfriend. I noticed a little blonde hanging around him alot. I just figured it was a local ho.

Anybody remember the owner of the place, always helling... " Get off the berm!"
Yes, and thought what's the use with all the people in there...fix the berm later.

Wondering how the shots turned out from Giberson (Super BMX) standing up on the rafters most of the night?
Man, I'd love to get a look at all of Windy's, Ker's and Gibey's shots. Can you imagine how many shots they took that we haven't seen? They probably all ended up in the garbage. *sigh*
Yeah, I don't even want to think of what was thrown out from that contest, I wonder what Ker has from that outdoor photo shoot that Krt mentioned.
RL, I forgot that guy-b was up in the rafters! I thought he was going to take a header.
Didn't MD's head hit the roof a few times? Remember Rob Steigers bars creaking like they were about to break? He was riding an 85 RL 20II w/ flights if I remember right.
Mikko, yeah, a white RL 20II with his bars forward, seatpost at maximum height and landing flat bottom on each air. Heck, at least he was riding in the contest, I would have been lucky to get out on that ramp without dying lol.

Speaking of that, I should try to find the video of my one and only ramp run in an MFS contest. You want comedy? rofl
Krt Schmidt
Which contest was it Greg? I probably have it too!
I don't know the year but it was a contest at the Armory (can't recall the city) that the contests were always held at and I believe it was the contest that Moliterno and Rothrock showed up at. Not positive, but I'm pretty sure. Oh and I would have entered the intermediate class.
West St Paul.

I have the Vid!

STRIKE had the most variations of anyone on VERT ramp, under coping that is....LOL
I remember Steiger's runs at the MFS contest. He'd do fakie airs about 2 feet out and then land at the bottom of the ramp. Sketchy, but ya gotta give the guy some credit, he rode at the first KOV!! Thats gotta count for something!
I heard that he build an indoor mini ramp at the farm in Moorhead. I was always going to drive out there for a session when I was in college, but I needed to save my $ for beer.
Anyone have any Rob sightings in the 90's?
What about Dale Matson... any updates on that dude..
Krt Schmidt
Last I heard Dale was working as a machinist in Apple Valley but that was years and years ago.
RL, didn't you say you knew his locale?
Yup, up near Stacy. Invited him to the BBQ's but didn't show up?

I'l try getting him to December's event.
Got Tom Haugen showin' up with his new bionic leg for the 9th!
Meant to say Wyoming, the city, and not Stacy.
Krt Schmidt
Just for you Greg.

Greg's MFS ramp run

YouTube Link!
Oh man...that is so awesome, except it's Gregg Stricke.

I actually got about a foot out on that Park Schwinn quarterpipe on an X-up. Pretty good for me lol. My one footed invert on the Park Schwinn ramp and the turndown on your ramp just crack me up.

Thanks for posting this Krt, great stuff.
Krt Schmidt
Whoops! Fixed that spelling problem. Sorry about that! Glad you liked it.

I'm posting more guys runs at my blog throughout the next week.
Rob Steiger
I have been MIA for a bit....

That footage of Rob is cool! The moment that started to play, I remebered that run.
STRIKE, that turndown was pretty cool. "Under the lip is the way to rip!"
We're just days away from the 20th Anniversary, KOP baking a cake or anything? What ever happened to that ramp or the building? A buddy that I went to high school said his bro was the track op of that place.
RL, I remember that guy..I remember him riding.. Very cool. Highway to the dangerzone.
Let's see Randy T. falling in the canyon!!!!!!!!
Those videos are so classic. Trevor in that one, who know he's dominate the world a few years later?
You need to get a best of, and burn some cd's.. I would love to have some of that stuff, to watch..

Also, how about some Rick Mol, and some behind the scenes Rampage>>>>

I also, any Haro, footage?????
Krt Schmidt
Thanks! I just added a clip from Rippin' the BMX Action Trick Team video. I'll be adding a lot more over time.

Haro? Do you mean Haro shows? I've got a few of them. I can add those also. Keep checking the site!
I have a bit of a Haro video, show.. And your up on the platform, filming the airs.. Not sure if it came out very good, but who knows.. Lets see some behind the scenes... ANy footage of Hanging out with the Haro guys.... Practice.. stuff like that???

Also next time i'm in Le Seure, i'll take a pic of the shed the contest was held in.. It was still there a few years ago....
KRT, your really carved at the ramp before you spun a 540!
Krt Schmidt
Like a Thanksgiving Turkey!

Man, those are awesome! I thought I saw Rick Kast pull out in a Pacer behind RL.
That Kevin breaking his ankle video is classic.. Who's the guy that filmed that?? Yankee Rose,,,
Krt Schmidt
It was thee Dale Matson filming that!
Yeah, that was sick!!!

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