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ok, so what colors were avail for these models? i thought i knew from the catalogs for these years...but then i saw this:

its not the black/blue that i thought was the only color combo for the team sport in 87, and its not the black/black that i thought was the only combo for the 88 sport team. so what colors didnt i know about?
Canuck - Anthony_B
Nope they came in different colour combos including that one. They all were chrome underneath.

yes,canuck is right. that is one of my favorite color combos for the sport.
ok, so what colors were avail on 88 team masters? mine is an orig turq/mint/chrome, and i wanna build it as a team, so what are my options?

also, how bout for an 88 sport?

ALSO, more questions, why/which did some sports have 990 mounts and some didnt? and why/which did some have chrome forks and some painted?
That frame is an '87...not an '88
right, the yellow decals mean 87 right?

but i have an 88 master f/f and an 88 sport f/f. so i need to know my previous questions.
Team models only came in one color option for 87 and 88

87 sport - see link
87 master - yellow
88 sport - black
88 master tourquoise
thats what i thought.....i guess i got confused. turq/mint and black/black it is for my bikes then.
btw what about the painted forks and chrome forks
88 1/2 had painted forks...

and also some of the catalog pics did, also...

But chrome would be the way to go...IMO
mnewxcv 88 master with 88 serial # has chrome forks, and my 88 sport with 87 serial # has painted. i hope theres chrome underneath the forks and not just the frames...
I think the painted vs. chrome forks thing is a myth, I remember reading on here that it wasn't a year I thought it was too.

As for the 990's 87 and 88 Sports had them, 88.5 model year didn't.
Holy cow!!! I had one of those in that turquoise color and with the chrome forks, Peregrine 3-piece cranks, etc. and have been looking for another. I wish it was a little cheaper. You can barely tell, but this was it:

The painted forks were 88 complete bikes only. I bought a 88 sport F&F bitd and it came with chrome forks. My friend bought a complete 88 sport bitd that came with painted forks. He always wated to trade for my chrome forks.
donvader, sounds nice and exactly like im gonna build, mine will have kneesavers and hp-48s though. those peregrine 3pc cranks are hard to come buy, and I need 2 sets.
Thats the way it is in the catalog. Complete bikes had painted forks, F/F's had chrome ones, and the fork sold seperately was chrome only.
mr coasterbrake
not sure there was any rhyme-or-reason to the the fork paint/chrome issues. we sold completes that came both ways. maybe just production issues?

the 88.5 sports were a last minute production run, as they ran out of bikes too early in the season and it was too soon to release the '89s (bashgard style).

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Here's a couple of scans of Sports I found in the magazines.

I wonder why the review says that the bike comes with Haro cranks, though in the picture you can clearly see they are Peregrine cranks...?
yeah...and here's my version of an 88 team master - I just love to show it

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Man, if I owned that bike....I would show it off too!
Howard Radcliffe
The 87 Team sport was Black/Turquoise, the 87 Master was Yellow/Black, however there were a couple of pre production models in different colours. I used to ride for Haro/ Skyway in the UK and rode a couple of first samples from the states, so I had a Team Master in Black / Turquoise, which had slightly different studs on the back and slightly different fork pegs (I wonder what happened to that, I've got some photos somewhere!!), Terry Jenkins who was factory Haro in the UK also had one in that colour scheme, which was an even earlier proto, with very different platforms on the rear. I also had a sport that year which was a team model, but in Black/Blue. All the production models that came in were Black/Yellow for the Master and Black/Turquoise for the Sport.

As for the painted/chrome forks issue. All UK bikes and F/F had painted forks, apart from the 88.5 models, which were all painted. I think it depended on which batch you got shipped from the factory to be honest.
Here's what the 87 Team Master looks like.

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