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A week or so ago I sold so me some Mike Buff z's on ebay. The winner of the bid contacted me before the end of the auction stating that if he won he would be paying by m/o. He won, promised to send out by next day air. The auction ended last Sun. He left feedback before ever sending out any $
I emailed him a day or so ago about when he planed on paying, being that if it was coming next day I wasn't sure if I had to sign for it. I just checked now on another auction I have and saw he is no longer a registered user. Strange because he has bought quite a few items lately. Am I out the fee for selling the goods to ebay? Should I relist or just wait? saturnino2674 is the guy.
Just wondering.....
He's bought alot of stuff. Can you do a second chance with it? Sell it to the guy that was the second highest bidder.
RL-20II Guy
Go here.....



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eliu eric
just follow the link that rl-20 sent

that is the only way to get selling fees back
Thanks ebay sent an email stating my feedback was removed from him and he was indefinetly suspened.
Wait, he still probably is going through with it. Money orders take up to a week and a half to get to you.
Bedlam Bikes
I got my listings fees back before. It takes Ebay a month of Sundays to actually do it, but you will get your money back.
He promised to send the m/o next day air so time wasn't an issue. What was strange in the last email he was waiting on winning some hubs before he paid. Also in his emailed it looked as if a 10 year old was spelling. Words were misspelled bad. The fact ebay gave him the boot is puzzeling. All feedbacks were good.
jerry a hutcher
it dont take mutch to get the boot..a couple of non pay bids and your out quicker than resolveing the issue...EEEEvil Bay for sure...
Brian P
i just got the e-mail from e-bay saying they were taking away a feedback due to the suspension of a member. now i see this thread.

skyway had asked me how this guy was at paying and i said not a problem, i got my $ quickly. something is up with him though. i have had several PM's through ebay with this guy and some have said "my uncle loves the bike" while others have said "sorry i didnt write back, i was in jail" so i really dont know who i was conversing with.

good luck skyway72...
BTW, id still be interested in those z-hoops, PM me if they're still available

[ July 13, 2006, 01:43 PM: Message edited by: Brian P ]
I just received the same e-mail from Ebay,he won a set of Skyway pads from me,left feedback within a couple days but never paid and hasn't e-mailed or responded to e-mails at all,not sure if I should wait a little longer or try to recover my fees,its only been a couple of weeks,maybe he can get it together
He has called me twice today saying he still wants the rims. Freaked me out when I heard the messages. It has been about two weeks, but when I saw he had been kicked off I wasn't sure what to do. I guess his ebay email doesn't receive any messages. He says he will send out m/o on july 21 waiting to get one sent back to him???
Sounds fishy to me...I'd file with ebay to get my fees back and sell them again.

Do you want to hold on waiting for a guy to hopefully pay you several weeks after he said he would?
just tell him sorry i sold them already when i saw you were kicked off
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