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Maurice Meyer
I'd been meaning to start a thread like this about the classic 43's we all encounter. Well, innocent enough as it sounds I was just looking into our man Karl Rothe's wedding plans and checked up on his website for the first time. Well, according to their counter, it's 43 days until his wedding! Ha!!! That's even funnier since he was one of the main guys to spread that whole thing around.

So, let's hear about some sightings.
I have a 43 tattoo.
Maurice Meyer
Haha 43!!
The King's # is 43 (Richard Petty)
I'll be 43 in 11 years...
ill be 43 in 8 years

OH GOD............
43 could be an evil number could be a time to retire from riding but i seen in person a 65 year old drop in on a 8 foot half pipe.. on his sons haro sport.
Mark 74 oldschool
I am 43 and love to ride.The trick stuff, I don't know about ,Can't aford to get hurt.
my email. henrysd43@
This week's sign that the apocalypse is upon us:

George W. Bush is the 43rd president of the United States.
Maurice Meyer
That's right!

And, just 43 days after invading Iraq, he declares major combat operations are over. He was probably thinking "Wouldn't that be cool to finish this up in 43 days. Ha ha 43." Got a little excited on that one though.
I have 5 busted spokes on my 48's.....
The other day on my way home from work, I saw a cow lying in a pasture with a large orange 43 painted on his side.
43 in the house!!!
Maurice Meyer
Took my boy to the tree lighting at the fire department then let him crawl around in the fire trucks. There's a hat sitting there and I think "yeah, cute picture of the kid in a fire hat." Turn it over, put it on his head and... BAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!! FOUR-T-THREE!!!! Ha. My wife still tries to deny...

RL20-II Dreamin'
Enlighten me. What's the significance of the "43"?
This thread bewildered me back in May.... and I'm still in the dark!
Wikipedia is cool and very informative, but I still don't get it.
Brian P
43 is a good drink
Come on up to Wisconsin. Forget Route 66!

Jeff S
Yeah I dont get it either. What is "43" about?

Brian P
It's funny, I hadn't seen this thread.

I remember I was trying to explain 43 to my friend Caio when we were in high school. We were walking up to the front door of his house, and he just wasn't getting it.

I happened to glance at this orange Pinto sitting in his driveway. His dad was always fixing up and selling beater cars. The whole Pinto was orange, original paint, except this frame thing that went around the headlight, which was blue.

I looked at it, and written on it in Sharpie was the number "43." Right when I was trying to explain it to him.

So I just pointed at it and said: "There you go. That's what 43 is all about."
In the book about DC shoes: Agent of Change, it's revealed that they got the name "DC" from the number 43. D&C are the 4th & 3rd letters of the alphabet.
wasnt it something like they were trying to prove that the number 43 was EVERYWHERE?
jamie wright
for me it's 420, and I don't mean the drug reference either. it's just a number that hits me everywhere and has for about two years now. I even wake up in the middle of the night only to look at the clock glowing exactly 420. It must just be my number or something.
Dang, I'm going to be 34 in five more days. Reverse it and that's 43!!! It's everywhere...
Anytime you look for something you can find it about everywhere.
Maurice Meyer
But that's the thing: it finds you...
Drob, have you seen/heard of this yet??

The Number 23:

I think someone in Hollywood heard about 43 & is taking it to the big screen with a little switchup on the number.

Starring Jim Carey...check out the trailer...looks like a good flick!
That movie looks pretty good, actually.

I remember my girlfriend back in the day was big on 23...the whole Genesis P. Orridge/Psychick Youth get down is around 23. My old roommate Ben was into 53.

Really though, it's 43.
Not a word of a lie... When i 1st read this i looked at the clock when i 1st thought to look for numbers
and the time was 4:34pm......
Brian P
" for 43 dollars, my friend lost his life "
in a song by Hank Williams jr.
Maurice Meyer
Classic! Tino, that movie looks crazy. Yeah, they must have heard about it. Well, you know Spike Jonze is in there spreading the love. I forget which character's place it was but in Being John Malkovich a shot starts with the camera right on the 43 apartment number on the door then it swings open. I was howling at that one. My wife's like "what?"
Daniel W
For more info on "23" read Q&A # 4 on this web page

It's from a book called The illuminatus! trilogy by one Robert Shea.
43 happens.
Element 43 on the period table is Tc or Technetium.
Maurice Meyer
I just searched for a motherboard online. This place has them for $430 and there are 43 reviews...

I looked at this thread at 5:18

51 minus 8 = 43

post #43.....if Im counting right, too......

my mind is reeling.
I was 43 last year...
TK 4130
This is my 43rd post...
Maurice Meyer
Ummmm... your 43rd post was the 43rd post on the 43 thread. Now, obviously you knew you were posting your 43rd post on the 43 thread but the fact that it was the actual 43rd post of the thread itself just rules.
when i read this i looked at the clock it was 4:43
when i read this and looked at the clock.....
i counted 43 on the page 43 time...
but it was 6:27???
this post here is the 3rd post on the 4th page.............
TK 4130
A little Stu for ya....

my dad was born in 1943....
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