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Thanks Dan Durr for sharing your collection on BMX Freestyler. Your collection has been placed in Archives now.

I got a chance to meet with Joe V in person in my home town of California. Joe lives about 20 min from my parents house in California. It was very cool becasue I didn't know that he was a collector too!!! So I put together a nice video presentation of his collection and showcasing some of his riding skills too!!! Thanks Joe for having me and my wife over to your home. I am sure we will be back in Califorina again some time.

Keep on Riding!!!


Give it up for Joe V!!!!! A vintagebmx member
Smokin Endo
Cool Mark ! I would really like to do a collector corner. LMK I know we talked about it but that was a while ago

joe vasquez
hi mark,thank you for letting me have the opportunity to show you and your wife my collection. i just saw my section that you put together for the collectors corner, and it looks great. i wish that you and your wife could see the rest of it. i had more bikes boxed up in storage that you were not able to see. hopefully next time. whenever your in town mark,give me a buzz and hopefully we can go riding together. happy new year to everyone, and keep on riding!
Nice bikes...they all look NOS.
Thanks for sharing guys!
Smokin Endo
WOW ! I sound like a jerk talking about myself ! Great collection Joe ! Thanks for sharing it with us ! That 88 Team Master is Dope !

joe vasquez
thanks Smokin Endo and Axlepeg. i actually got the 88 master from rockabilly jay. unfortunatley i really havent given it any love. i want to build it up and ride it first before i give it a complete restore. ive been too busy working to finish it.
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