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Did anyone who went to the convention hear anything that really stood out?

Here is a podcast I did with three people who were there.

Listen now on BMXNEWS.COM

It is quite clear that most, if not all, of those attending got a lot out of the investment to travel to Vegas for the event.

I was only there Thursday/Friday, but still got a lot of good information.


I learn a lot - every time I go to these summits - especially at the round-table meetings where people are brain-storming and offering ideas that have been successful at their track. What you get out of it is what you put into it. I did notice a lot of new faces, and in terms of acquiring information, this group would benefit the most. It is also about networking and reaffirming that your track problems (challenges) are not unique, and that other tracks are successfully overcoming those problems.
I have just had the time to listen to the link on BMXNews.

It was well done and brought up several good points.

The excitement of the participants was palpable.

After listening I remain convinced that the sport is relatively healthy and can continue for a good long while. The idea of BMX Lite is well received and can be implemented fairly easily - after all it doesn't require huge starting hills, massive amounts of dirt, professional track builders, Heaven only knows how many folks for volunteers, and an ambulance standing by to try.

But what DR said stuck with me. In regards to the attraction of riders and the retention of riders he lamented that there is "something missing".

He's right.

That something is the support from the ownership to vet future track operators and then support them financially so that they can be successful and grow. This is the process that will create more great TO's in the image of the numerically few that already exist. The current system in place has been successful - to a point- but depends on blind luck more than purpose. BMX bicycle racing is essentially waiting on for these special TO's to magically find the sport instead of the sport going out and finding them.

The sport has finally reached the point where opportunity and dedicated money meet.

It'll be interesting to see where the sport goes from here.

All the Best

PS - I love to watch SX and remain Connor Fields biggest fan but totally agree with the idea of traditional tracks.
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