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When I lived over in England they ran the motos in what they called "Grand Prix" format.

Any class with eight or less riders (full gate) ran all three motos and the main as total points and were scored accordingly.
I know there are some who will say that it is a "everybody gets a trophy" mentality, but I liked the format.

If you show up to a race and it is four taking three then the guy in fourth only gets rider points.
It doesn't mess up the better racers finish placing by letting the slowest guy race the main; the guy in fourth still gets last place, but at least he gets more than rider points.

Does anybody have an opinion on this?
Henry Sarria does!
ANT DOG 3:16
My thought. This gets more kids in the sport. Would others accept this. Some will some wont. I think we are past the everyone gets a trophy. We need to increase rider count.
I've never understood why it's not done this way.

I'm sure the kid who didn't qualify loves watching the main with 3 people. That's a real incentive to stay in the sport. happy.gif
There was a 5 year old at our track in tears last weekend because he couldn't fathom how, after winning the first moto, they wouldn't let him go ride again. Think of the children!!! laugh.gif
Scenario: State Race/double point/$25+ entry.
One class is four taking three to the main.
Fourth place rider doesn't race the final and only gets 8 points (double rider count).
How does it hurt to let that guy race the final, get fourth place, and score 108 points?

In England we often had eight rider class and it was awesome having a full gate every lap!!
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