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Capt. Caveman
Ok we are moving right along at our local track. The track has been running races on Thursday nights for about the last 3 years averaging about 10 motos. The new track operator wants to change to Friday night to see if he can up the rider and moto count. Now 6 years ago when I was still racing we raced on Friday nights and was averaging 15 motos usually closer to 20. The Thursday night handful of people are resisting the change but most don't care or prefer Friday night. So here is my question if you had to chose between the 2 nights which one would you pick Thursday or Friday.
Friday is easy on most families with "standard" jobs (I work 3rd with a boat load of OT) and I say that because it starts the weekend so no school the next day. The first thing to consider is the customers. Do they have a need for it? Well if it will increase the moto count 50% then yes. Will the change effect near by tracks? This is where ALL truly need to look at this equation from all angles. Another question to be asked is do I have any riders the hit up Nationals and if so will it hinder moto counts?

All in all I say go for Friday but I'm not a local so...

Let us know in a while how the change if made pans out good or not good.
Always problematic when the tracks are close.

Friday nite, Saturday nite, and Sunday afternoon only happen once a week!
Capt. Caveman
we have 3 tracks in OK 1 races sat afternoon 1 races wed night and sat night and we race thurs night and sun afternoon so the switch to Friday wont affect the other tracks. we have a handful of national travelers and when there is a close national the track shuts down for the weekend so everyone can travel to the national. I personally think the switch will be a big win for the track I guess time will tell
Make sure your key volunteers can make Friday nights
So was the original Thursday scheduling based around getting to near by big races?

Look at the schedule this year for near by big races and count how many times you will need to shut down even though that is frowned upon as most Novice or Inters don't travel their first year much at all. Do you have a "B" crew to run when the others are gone?
we've always had better success on weeknights. Some tracks race sunday until school ends then switch to weeknights. There's racing at different tracks up here 5 days/week, so its nice to have options. Our indoor track only races sat/sun from nov-mar. Also for those that do nats, fridays would lose riders to racing or travel. I would keep it thurs, and work on promoting the club.
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