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Full Version: Old guy on a 26" wheeled cruiser. Good idea? > BMX NOW > BMX Racing
Seems like I make a bmx "comeback" about every 10 years which means I'm now due. We're fortunate this winter to have a local indoor series. Question is what bike? A traditional 24" wheeled cruiser or maybe a 26" wheeled bmx like the om flyer or maybe just go for the mtb dirt jumper type. Any one doing this and have any input? I don't plan to buy multiple bikes so wondering how viable the 26" wheeled version is. My mtb trail bike is my regular rig so this would likely only get used during the fall and winter at the track or dirt jumps. Thanks y'all.
I was wondering the same thing. I was considering another cruiser, but I've been trail riding an mtb since quitting bmx and am used to the bigger bike. I rode a couple cruisers and they just felt small. I bought a used Specialized P1 rigid and it feels right. I haven't had it at the track yet. There are a bunch of guys that race 26" dj's and do well. There's a 26" bmx thread on here and a page on FB that I just joined. Lots of good info on gearing, tires, etc.
ANT DOG 3:16
I hate the big bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif not really, but when you get combined with a novice who has one and you are out of shape, it is hard to keep with them on a 20 inch lol
Go with whatever makes BMX the most fun for you! If you do run a 26" DJ make sure to lock out (or really pump up) the fork.
I personally wouldn't ride an OM Flyer type 26" at the track.
While Todd Lyons can ride any bike on any terrain the OM is more of a flashback bike and the geometry and tall stand over height would make it much harder to ride on a track. I think it is more meant as a cruise around bike.

There are race specific 26" BMX race bikes out there.
GT had one recently.

The 26" DJs are more apt to handle a track with their lower top tubes and short rear ends.
I've ridden mine (Black Market Riot) on the track and even raced it.
If you can't afford a really nice (adjustable) suspension fork then go with a rigid fork.
I have a crappy Marzochi DJ3 fork on my bike and it is heavy and not adjustable or lockable.
I'd love to get a Manitou Circus fork, but am not willing to pay for it, so I'm thinking of getting the matching Black Market Tech 9 fork.
The thing with rigid forks is that you have to get one that is "suspension adjusted".
Suspension forks are longer to allow for the suspension travel.
A rigid fork would need to be longer than normal or your head tube angle and bb height would be jacked up.

Great thread on the topic, here.
After years upon years of racing 20"with a smattering of cruiser thrown in I picked up a 26" (Black Market Riot) and haven't looked back.
If you're looking for a "one and done" type bike you can't beat the versatility of a 26"dj IMO.
I started racing at 40yrs old on a 26" Haro jump bike. Super stable bike.
After 4 years of riding a 20", I took it on a ride at the track one weekend and it was like racing with training wheels. Couldn't stand it. There's pros and cons. The older you get the more we need those "pros" working for us wink.gif
Like AtlMark, I'm having way more fun on a 26 dj mtb than a 20 at 41 (and was still competent on the 20 right up to hopping on the big bike). They're just easier to ride, more fun and less stress.
I know a little bit about 26" BMX BIkes specifically. cool.gif
YEP. One more for the (SuperCross Blur , Envy ) 26" BMX MOB!!
Something like this could be a fun ride...
I very much appreciate all the thoughts. I just bought a Yeti DJ off eBay today. Should be awesome at Valmont bike park and fun on the track too.
Nice! I am back and forth between leaving mine as a rigid, or getting a suspension for for it.
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