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Full Version: Custom 14' Quadangle > Special Interests > Retro New School
Needed a drag strip pit pike, so I grabbed this f/f off Ebay for 190 bucks.

Redline double pinch flight cranks
MKS pedals
Profile hubs with Rhyno lite rims
Cheng Shin snake bellies
JW tensioners
OS DK clamp
SE fluted post
Retro seat that's been on 5 of my bikes so far
Oury Grips
Dia Compe MX4 brakes
Porkchop power disc and chainwheel
Porkchop neck
Redline retro V bars

Still waiting on the porkchop parts to show so I can finish

I am trying to go 1980 or so with the look, other than the hubs.

Woody's Hot Rods
Looks great, Sack! Got me itching to build another bike now.
This section is dead now
Woody's Hot Rods
QUOTE (sack @ Aug 4 2014, 10:40 AM) *
This section is dead now

Yes it is. It needs to be revived.
Nothing prettier than a sell all my stuff for a brand new 22" quad.... laugh.gif
thats a 14"? is it custom fabricated / chopped? looks like a regular 20" from the pics...
No, it's a 2014 Quadangle, 20 inch.
Good looking Quad.
And it is for sale
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