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Hello bmx'rs!

I'm curious to what others are paying to have wheels built. My son has reached that age/weight were I need to upgrade his 1-1/8" rims to 1.5" rims. What are people paying to have the wheels broken down, spokes cut to fit new rims and then re-laced/trued?

About two years ago I paid $100 to break down and rebuild a pair of rims, but I think that might be on the high end. My last set I bought new hubs and rims from the shop and they built them for free.
I don't pay anything if you don't count the cost of two truing stands, spoke threader, and various spoke tightening tools. I haven't had the luxury of living in a city with bike shop in some years.

If you have any inclination to do it yourself you can get a good stand for about $120 and either pay to have the spokes rethread or just buy the right length ones. Spokes have a life cycle measured in the number of times they can stretch and return before they break. If your spokes are more than a couple years old, the small cost of buying new ones over cutting and rethreading, is probably worth it.
ANT DOG 3:16
All depends my old sponsor (who I am still cool with) hooks me up. Where are you located that would help. My bad , Texas. Dont know the area but there are places you can send them to.
$80 bucks but that doesnt included cutting and re-threading spokes
Contact Dan's Comp, they will lace your wheels for free. Just send them your hubs, purchase their rims and spokes they will get you ready in no time. biggrin.gif
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