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7 riders in 17-18X. 8 in 19-27X. 10 Girl didn't make a class. If the riders from Arizona didnt fly past the real race there would be a less Motos. Can we get over this a point is a point in Canada thing. What a joke. Nag plates out to the top twenty and you can get half your points with a passport are you serious? Everyone knows the real race was in Utah this weekend.
Where have you been? You didn't know? Pick up the newspaper or, NEW YORK is still playing! Go RANGERS!!! smile.gif
cherry pickin'. if its allowed, people will do it.
The National hasn't drawn that many riders since its inception but what it is, if I didn't have priorities > racing I would have been there too, cherry picking with the best of them! To the first poster, Some riders who made their mains in Utah should rejoice... all the winners in Kingston from Saturday from 17-18x right through 41-45x could have potentially made those mains and done well in Utah.
I kinda understand the opinion of the OP but......

does that also include saying the Women's Elite class in Utah was not all there seeing his home state rider, Post, is not able to race yet, or what about Sam? Hey it's not a "real" national unless every top national rider is there and it "qualifies" as the national to hit because of rider points? Kinda like saying the entire US team (Championship classes) that attend the worlds is not the real team unless ALL the best top riders are there and aren't hurt.

Total joke. I have no dog in the hunt, but how that's considered a National is beyond me. 4 riders in 16x on Saturday. LOL
Yep and only 4 in the 2 and Under Stridder class, there has to be more mini maple leafs out there.
No one cares about the Canadian nationals in Ontario. If you want to race a Canadian race go to the BC ones
I can understand the concern about the points coming back over, but for me, it's the closest national of the season at a 3 hours +/- (don't worry, I'm not NAG plate material, nor will I attend Grands). Also, they have to have a couple races in the Eastern half of Canada, otherwise it's not a national series (remember!?!). And, without the folks from south of the border there, attendance would probably be in the 30-40 moto range?

So, I'll defend the sanction on this one: they have to allow US riders to take their points back. I personally think it comes out in the wash anyway - if you go and grab 1 or 2 scores with 3 or 4 riders, is it really going to make that big of a difference? Is it any different than the top notch rider who for whatever reason can't make his/her way to Las Vegas/Reno/Rockford? Fair is hard to come by.

I suppose maybe some more folks will be flying in to Toronoto or Quebec next year......
on the flip side my daughters 14 girls class had 10 riders... but the moto count was low... but what are us(new england) people supposed to do..????they took away our 3rd northeast national.. canada was the closest....
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