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I don't have much time so here's a brief description of a tour idea I have.

1) So you have the stand tour of rider training, a top rider or riders going round different clubs doing a days training.
2) Group of manufactures buy in and have a a semi full of bikes to try out and buy. Big problem I have is getting bikes for kids to test.
3) Training for parents, parents are part of the team, so give them maintenance training and advice, eg wheel build classes etc.

This is the bare bones but the key elements is looking at parents as mini teams and catering for them too not just the kids.
All good points.

I know with the Domnique Clinics they do a lot with the parents. Tim(Her dad) does a lot of talking with the parents.

Parents are the key to a kid raicng BMX. ALso having a good bike to ride helps a lot. many times kids are riding a bike that is to big for them or not set up for them. having the right equipment makes a huge differnece. A couple summers we brought a few bikes with us that a sponsor gave us. We jsut had a 5 x 8 trailer so the loaner bikes took up a little to much space for us

THe main ways to fund the tour would be sponsors footing the bill, the attendees footing the bill or a combo of both. Bringing a big vehicle with a big trailer is good casue you have the ability to bring more stuff with you, but the travel costs go way up. Back when I did the tour my base expense to just show up at the track was anywhere from $250-$500 depending on how we were doing it that year. When you do 35,000 miles over the summer it is a big expense. So when you show up and have 5 kids you don't even cover your travel expenses to be there.

For most part summer tour is just a way for the racers to be able to get to the races over the summer. It really isn't a great money maker. It just covers your expenses to get to the next race. Hey I'm going from this national to that national. I will do a clinic during the week to help with my gas to get from race to race.
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