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Full Version: 2012 OM Flyer Chrome frameset - Chrome question > Special Interests > Retro New School
So I bought one of these framesets from ACE BMX out in NY, can't beat the $249.99/shipped in the unopened original box. Of course when I open the box and unwrap the frame and forks I am floored, very nice. However, when I picked up the frame and held it, it felt like it had a bit of a grippy (?) texture to it and in the sunlight it just didn't have the total chrome shine. I have read in another post about the coloring in certain areas and this frame does have it in a few spots but that discoloring will buff out as my 1996 Redline Pl-24 had the same issue and I just buffed it out with a good chrome cleaner. Anyway, a little curious, I proceeded to add some SE cable clips and also remove the seat clamp. Upon removing the seat clamp, some chipping occurred around the seat post tube where it was mounted - not the chrome, just something that appears to be some sort of clear coat. I peeled off a little more of it only to reveal the true chrome that this frame is supposed to have. Then there is this dripping or runs on the rear dropout, I've had many chrome frames in my BMX career and still do have 3 others not counting this O.M. and I have never seen chrome plating have drip marks. Then when I attempted to put on the cable clips, finding out they were too small for the top tube diameter, I noticed the area where the fastening side of the clips had been, there were these gouges in the finish - I'm thinking " There is no way chrome does this, cheap job or expensive".
I have read in the previous post where Todd Lyons had explained the good chrome quality over in Taiwan and I believe it, the area I picked off looks real nice. And at $249.99 for a chrome frame and fork? - and a O.M. Flyer at that? You couldn't even come close in price from any other bike company.
My question would be, How do I remove this coating safely so I don't scratch or damage the true chrome underneath? So far my fingernails are doing a good job. biggrin.gif, thought maybe there would be quicker method. Thanks
i would test it with acetone in a small spot . or if you can scrape it off with your fingernails, try a credit card...
same issue here also. I tried to install a BB and could not get the damn cups in. Then I looked inside the BB and there was a drip of excess clear coat that was preventing the BB shell from going in. In fact there where several large clear coat drips inside the BB. So I busted out the dremel and very carefully sanded down the drips to the chrome. Now the BB fits all the way in. Hope this helps. good3.gif
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