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So I see this 'unknown' frame on eBay. I did a bit of research and found that its a Phase 2, so i put a bid on it and won. I received it on Friday and to my surprise it turns out that it's a Titanium Phase 2 with a 19" TT and after a clean up its in rather nice condition. I'm no expert on BMX's but I've become very intrigued by this frame but info about these is a bit thin on the ground.
Anyways I would like to get hold of the decals for it, I take it a nos set is out the question but is there a source to get reproductions?
Also any other info like, production numbers, grade of tubing and how to decipher the hand written frame numbers on the right dropout would be helpful.
Now I would love to get this built up but I think I maybe a bit big (5'10) and heavy (180lbs) to ride it, any opinions about this will be greatly appreciated as I cant see a point of building it up only for it not to be used.

looks interesting.
Hmmmm.. That’s something eh, really not familiar with it, it looks neat though.
Brian L
From what I remember, the company was based in Georgia and were around for a few years in the late 1980s. Phase 2 was pretty short lived, but from what I have heard, they made some nice stuff. You may want to re-post this in the Mid School section of this site where you will be more likely to get more responses. Nice frame, by the way and a very rare one for sure.
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