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Capt. Nemo
TL has entrusted me to post some pics of the newest retro in SE's line-up for 2013.

I going for the slow tease, so check back often for new spy pics.

Comments are certainly welcome. biggrin.gif

Here is the first pic...

Capt. Nemo
Here are a couple more...

nice cruiser. I like the red touches on the white tuffs. good3.gif
Chevron Envy
Holy Crap!
The R
Hmmm. Those are 24-inch tuffs. I'm guessing it's a 24-inch looptail quad?

Wait, no. If it was a quad, you'd see the tubes in the seat pose photo. Retro floval?
It looks like a 24" Floval Flyer. The rear-end looks a little different to the original though.
Can't wait to see it!
Capt. Nemo
A few more...

Nice! We've been asking for it, and SE listened. I really hope that we can buy a frame only or frame/fork set (in team blue).

- Bob
if its a 24, i might have to start saving my pennies...been wanting some sort of 24 to cruise around on.
Capt. Nemo
Some of us have been waiting a long time for this, and it's almost here. SE is looking at a late summer, early fall release for this badboy!

Since reading this thread for the last few years I think you Captain have been waiting for this particular bike more than anyone!
It looks GREAT!!!!
Can't wait to see what 29" models I'll be adding to the collection!

[quote name='Capt. Nemo' post='1177754' date='Jul 3 2012, 03:52 AM']Some of us have been waiting a long time for this, and it's almost here. SE is looking at a late summer, early fall release for this badboy!
totally feeling it ! very clean !
That Floval Flyer looks so clean. I can't wait to get one. Thanks SE and Todd!
I'm glad it's finally getting done. Great job Todd!
GFR Industries
Love the vintage seat stay wrap at the seat post. I think another SE will be purchased soon .. new wife needs a cool bike cool.gif
What other peeks we got from the line up!?!????
QUOTE (pcohen @ Jul 9 2012, 05:24 AM) *
What other peaks we got from the line up!?!????


Just signed up to this site to get more SE info. Just test rode a Big Ripper last week and fell in love!

Waiting to see what/if any changes for the 2013 models are happening so I can make my decision.

Can't wait to ride again!

Anyone else feeling the urge to eat a candy apple? That Floval is SICK!
I saw one more 2013 sneek..., tongue.gif Your going to dig it.. biggrin.gif
You've really lost the momentum on this preview thread := to_take_umbrage.gif
Capt. Nemo
I can only give what I got. smile.gif
Better get some more pics soon Nemo as I'm starting to see leaked pics of the PK and OM on the net already.
Capt. Nemo
New batch of pics from TL, starting with the 20" Loop PK...


Very cool ! Nice spec TL , great attention to detail .

BTW , what are those bolts on the crankarms , just next to the spindle ?
The loop is low, relative to the dropout.
Capt. Nemo
29" Quad is up next...

Diamond Drop Out,,, P.K. ohmy.gif

got to get one !
Love em all so far, nice work TL
Capt. Nemo
Up next, in my opinion, the best color for a Big Ripper yet...

Could use a bit more gold, but that is an easy fix. smile.gif
i wish they would have stayed partnered up with Oakley....still want one of those Flovals though.
The Big Ripper is the winner! that is AWESOME!!! Love the color!
another will be added to the collection!

QUOTE (Capt. Nemo @ Jul 29 2012, 06:32 PM) *
Up next, in my opinion, the best color for a Big Ripper yet...

Could use a bit more gold, but that is an easy fix. smile.gif

Capt. Nemo
Pick a size, any size...

Wait, what's that jammed in the middle, there...

Looks like an OM Flyer...

Nice! TL posted a pic of the OM on Instagram last night, but this is bigger!
if i can scrape up the cash, itll be a Floval for previously stated.
Wow.. I love everything in it. The mags looks really nice.
What's the Top tube length on the 20"????
QUOTE (Capt. Nemo @ Jul 28 2012, 04:41 PM) *
29" Quad is up next...

I'm really likin' the 2013 lineup. Is that 29er Quadangle black or grey? Are we going to see a 20", 24" or 26" Quad for 2013?
Hello Bmx'ers
I got my red 2013 Floval today!
My bike is 188 in the line.
The production model is a bit different that the 2013 FLV 001
Mine has a head tube gusset and a 5" headtube.
There is a weld where the chain-stays meet near the BB. It kinda ugly!
The bars are really small, the rear dropouts are REALLY thick allowing no possibility of using a chain tensioner or frame protection.
The 24" skyways are badly warped, the Kenda sidewalls are reallly off making the rim warp look even worse.
SE used some wierd cranks that are not polished. They are like a stainless sink... ROUGH and have a goofy bolt in the crank.
Not sure what the bolt is doing?????
Can't say I'm that happy with the 2013 Flyer...
I will get some shots tomorrow of the Floval and my stable of SE retro lineup.
From Pintony
Actually you can see the crank bolts in Capt. Nemo 4th photo on pg. 1
QUOTE (Pintony @ Sep 7 2012, 09:04 PM) *
Actually you can see the crank bolts in Capt. Nemo 4th photo on pg. 1

May be a pinch bolt on the other side.

5inch head tube
Short bars
Taller head tubes require the shorter bars for the same ride height.
PK-13 No. 73,

Click to view attachment

I went to the local LBS to buy some grips. Ended up buying this.

The geo is awesome and all I can say is that if you think it looks good wait until you ride one.

Todd Lyons
That's a RAD set of grips you got there! Ha. Glad you like the bike!
Just ordered up my second Big Ripper. With some extra gold goodies to make it mine. You gotta love the 29ers
I got the Big Ripper today, first off the color is sooooo much better in person I really love the blue they used this year. All in all for the price point is a pretty good deal. I added some of my own parts to make it mine. Gold: seat post clamp, chain tensioners, axle nuts, grip locks, bar ends, pedals and Profile sprocket, and some ODI grips with blue donuts, and a White Industries Freewheel. I did change the cranks, I didn't care for them. But anyway its lots of fun and the coolest bar hopper around. Plus you can wheelie the hell out of these bikes with the right gearing.
Nice Big Ripper. I like the fact that you changed up some stuff to make it yours and blue and gold (to me) is one of the all-time classic BMX color combos.
I bought a 2009 Floval Frame and fork and am in the process of building it; just waiting for a few more parts to arrive. I really can't wait to ride this thing because it will be the first bike I have built from the ground up since '81, and it will be the first time I have ridden a bike with modern geometry.
So how does the '13 29" Quad compare to the '12 predecessor? Just a different color or any other significant improvements?

Hi Todd,

Has the SE 2014 lineup been finalised yet ? I have a lonely 2013 PK Ripper that requires a 20" Quadangle Looptail to keep it company.
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