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Scored this today from a neighbor cleaning out a storage barn. Needs a bit of TLC but everything is there.

Ive seen several chrome ones, havent found a blue one. Anyone know a year model?
Mr. Smith

I bet you it's a 1982.

On the BB it will be stamped a solo number followed by "T".
The "T" is for Tange and the 1st number is the year.

That is sweet do NOT refinish the bike.

Clean it up spotlessly and keep it all original.

I too have a blue one and these are rare as he//.

Everyone will be begging you to sell them the forks.
These are the same forks SE racing used on early PK's and early Quadangles.
As well those forks are correct for early Race Inc.

You have the nicest most original Cycle Pro Bonzai I have seen in ten years.

Good score ... enjoy your find.

p.s. the brake caliper is dated underneath as well.
the standard is the year on the caliper should be one year prior to the year of the F/F

Rob E.
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