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why would a track charge its dedicated riders to race on a day usabmx designated FREE. free for newbies(not complaining bout them riding for free) but not the ones of us recruiting these newbies?!! kinda tinkle tinkle little star, tried to be salty but didn't get far poor if ya ask me
It is up to the individual track on whether or not to charge current members. Some tracks are letting all riders ride free, and there are others (like you are saying) that are charging existing members. In my opinion, the dedicated rider's that race and have been in the sport a while, should take this day off at your track, and attend the race to help out all the newbies who we are trying to bring into our sport. First impressions mean everything, and a kid or a parent showing up at the track, who knows nothing about the sport, will really appreciate the assistance and leave a lasting impression.
Seems like USABMX shouldn't have been advertising it as a free for all day.
I'd be willing to bet that not all tracks can afford to take a day of running races without having the money to run one coming in. There are expenses that have to be covered; trash, electric, port-a-johns are expenses I'll have running the race on June 30th(our Olympic Day). Sure USABMX is not charging for this day, which is AWESOME. But a track that is running on a broken shoestring and a prayer might not be able to afford the other costs. If you're paying $1,000 a month for rent and it's rained out 2 of your normal races this month and your 3rd is free, it's not a boon to the track. It won't matter if 50 kids signup after the race, if the track doesn't stay open.

And then there is the MOST AWESOME/COOL reason to charge, that track that worked with it's state's Olympic day thing.

QUOTE (FTWrl2 @ Jun 22 2012, 11:57 AM) *
Seems like USABMX shouldn't have been advertising it as a free for all day.

There is an astrix or two in the ads I've seen, much like other franchises do.
QUOTE (FTWrl2 @ Jun 22 2012, 12:57 PM) *
Seems like USABMX shouldn't have been advertising it as a free for all day.

USA BMX doesn't have complete control over all the tracks. They advertised what they wanted track to do. Some choose to do it, some apparently don't care or can't afford it or having their other reasons. The large majority of the tracks out there are running a 100% free race. If you want someone to complain too, call up that track operator and ask them for a reason. Speak with your and your friends wallet. Most (not all as the above) of these races have very little overhead (no USA BMX race fees, no trophy costs, etc.) so tracks really don't need to be charging anything. I have seen some special cases where a track or two have combined their USA BMX Olympic race with another local Olympic event, but not enough to defeat the whole purpose of the promotion.
ANT DOG 3:16
After some thought this how I feel. I agree with this statement

I'd be willing to bet that not all tracks can afford to take a day of running races without having the money to run one coming in.

With that being said, if you really care about helping the sport you won't mind having to pay, Pretty sure my track is free but I will still donate 5 bucks. I am not made of money but neither are the BMX tracks.
It was made out to be Free to all. We, like most tracks it seems, are doing our Olympic Day on a non-race day. Hopefully, some of those that come out to our Olympic Day, will return the next day for paid racing.

We have so many things planned for Olympic Day, it's going to be one huge non-stop 5 hour party. We've got something for everyone.

We are celebrating our Olympic Day Friday June 29th. 4-6 is free registration. And free race right after. Free entry to win a Hyper Bmx bike from Hyper Bike Co. Free Entry to win a Bmx race helmet donated by Andy Currie Chip and Dale Bike shop, and EHTBMX is giving away a 1 year racing membership thru USABMX. Free Face Painting, Free Balloons, Dunk Tank! Beacon Bike shop will be there with Haro race bikes! Shred Shack will be putting on a stunt show in parking lot. Tucahoe bike shop will be there with S&E race bikes! Plus Chip&Dale Bike Shop. Come out and have a great time! All you need is a bike helmet, long pants and long shirt, and of course some kind of bike!

EHT BMX Olympic Day, Friday June 29th, 4pm-9pm.
Registration to race: 4-6, Race: ASAP.

I don't know if my local tracks are offering this for free or not, but I would pay/donate a race fee either way for the simple reason that I appreciate the people who run them. Sounds like a pretty small thing to complain about.
The track in question will have a free day. The weekend already had a RLQ/SCQ scheduled before Olympic day was announced. They are doing it the following weekend.....
@jdr i was referring to our other area track.
To all of my BMX friends and family, I would like to thank all of you for your support in colleting items for the soldiers of the 82nd Airborn 1-17 CAV. over the past year. We are now preparing for their return in Sept. There are approx. 150 unmarried soldiers returning. The FRG(family readiness group) is collecting and raising funds to prepare their barracks for their return. The cost will be approx. $50.00 per soldier.
This will provide sheets, blanket,pillows, towels, and personal items and snacks for each ones care pkg. Think about what they have endured over the past year. They will return emotionally and physicaly drained and the last thing they will want to do is go out to Walmart to purchase items for their first night home.
We will be having a bake sale at our Olympic Day on Friday June 29th to help raise funds. As always THANK YOU all for your support of our military.
Ours was quite successful. We had almost 60 motos (way more than our double-point last week) and more than 23 new riders on the gate. I don't think anyone expected it to be as big as it was. It was totally free and on a regular race day. The TO and announcer welcomed the new riders to the sport over the PA and explained how everything worked and I think there were plenty of riders and families helping people understand the motosheets and so forth. I'll be anxious to see how many come back.
free for participating tracks, not all tracks can afford it.
QUOTE (svtfmook @ Jun 27 2012, 10:10 AM) *
free for participating tracks, not all tracks can afford it.

Actually all tracks could afford it being free. They didn't have to replace a current race, they could have made it an additional race. So, if you were planing on racing that Saturday, just run it the Friday night before and still run the pay race Saturday. And still make money off concessions, raffles, etc. Problem solved.

Some tracks just chose to charge. They didn't HAVE to charge.
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