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it looks like a torker but ive never seen on with the loops any ideas? the ser no is T6010836
mr coasterbrake
looks like a taiwanese made "house -brand" frame from the mid/late 80s (i'd guess a 1986 manufacture date by the serial).

house brands were typically entry-level-ish bikes offered by large bike industry distributors to fit a lower price point than the name brands. they used frame designs that had similar features as the "hot" big name bikes at the time...often time combining them (IE: your haro/torker double top tubes with CW-style loop standers, etc)... then built them with mostly generic parts. some of these bikes were total POS, but some were actually pretty nice.

some examples are:
CyclePro (from the parent company of Haro, at that time)
Traker (from a wisconsin distributor of GT and others)
Quentin (a big Illinois distributor).

there were many others
by the rear drop out it looks like a Randor-Freestyle
Mr. Smith
Excellent research.

Seeing the triangular cut outs in the drops I was thinking Giant from the word go.

But no typical "G" stamping before the serial which would be Giant's norm.

Flatten that dropu out and spray bomb that bad boy and put her together !

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