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Hey guys, new to the forum here. I've been out of the game for a long time but looking to restore two bikes I happened to pic up for my two sons. Last time I was playing around was in the mid to late '80's when kicking up dirt on my Dyno was the thing. Both kids are just now starting to ride and I figured it would be a kick to get some bikes going together. I happened across a deal where I picked up a Haro and a Diamondback for $60 bucks total. Some kid owned them and left them at his parents house when he went off to school so they've been untouched for a while. Both are in decent shape and can still be ridden but I'd like to redo all the gears and joints, I just need to know what to get and what's hot on the market that will fit right now. The Haro is X3S7I0039 and the DB is ACA08B011434. I'm looking to find out what model each of these bikes are so that I know what I have. ANY help and advice is appreciated. Really looking forward to getting on some trails with the boys. I'm glad this forum is here already. Thanks in advance.
Pics help a lot.
You're right. Sorry, here you go. Thanks for the help.



Those look plenty capable for getting your Family riding, they are not going to be anything to be kid-gloved about though -- strictly bikes for the enthusiest-level rider. Yeah, I'd throw some tires at then, grease the bearings, and fit agressive seat/post combo and pedals to these in your place. Loose the Rotors to keep rides simplified and focused though.
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