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After retiring from racing back in 2007, I literally hung it all up – sold the cruiser and all the gear and that was it for me. Just couldn’t risk breaking any more parts of my old body.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve got a three-year-old who wants to hit the track. What better way to enjoy this time with my son than getting a bike on which we can do laps together? I’ll leave the racing to him, but just being able to take some gates and rip some laps will do me good and it's something we can share.

I thought about getting a modern rig, S&M or Standard or the like, but then I saw this. I was never an SE guy back in the day, though I had much respect for the brand, I just never owned one. Seeing this spoke to my old-school heart and I pulled the trigger on an eBay auction a week before Christmas. Swapped out a few parts to add some extra OS flava, and here she is. Top tube stickie -- representin' the best site on the interwebs!

I would have shot some photos in the natural habitat, but the track is still closed. Can’t wait to get it on the track – the ride quality and geometry feel fantastic curbhoppin’ around the neighborhood!

I like it!
Awesome! I love my PK. The geometry is all but identical to the very well regarded new school GHPs so no worries there.

I've spent a bit on mine customizing her - wasn't hard to get her down to 22lbs.
Love it.
Todd Lyons
Nice choice. cool.gif
nice! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Cool ride man. That chain wheel is nice.
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