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Looking for any info about getting a '85 Master painted/powdered. Original 'teal'. Message me or email me at Bike was saved from the scrap'r and would like to do my first resto. Only thing missing is the wheels. smile.gif

Thanx for your help in advanced smile.gif
'85 was either white, neon green or chrome unless it's a super rare pink one. Chip at C4 labs has all of these powders, I'm sure. Prices aren't bad for the quality he does. It's a show bike when you get it back.
Chevron Envy
Chip is the man you need, no further discussion needed.
Thanx, but now I'm confused. My serial number is I'm assuming and the bars are frame have the teal base and the rear end is NOT chrome. More research needed i guess...

does C4 have a website?

thanx for your help
An old refinish can look like a factory job in some cases, especially if it was stripped completely before painting.

Master Jim
Yeah, no teal in 85. Or 86. 87 Team Sprts came in a nice Teal color, and I think non-team Masters had a teal & Mint combination available.

chip is the guy for powder for sure. I prefer paint, but I think he can accommodate that as well if you are truly old-school like me!

On the other hand, there is nothing that says you couldn't do the bike pearlescent purple if you wanted to... It is your bike after all...
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