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Focusing on the sacroiliac joint (SI), you lose strength in the legs when you are rotated either anterior or posterior. Most folks with either have a right anterior innoniment (RAINN) or left posterior innoniment (LPINN). There are several ways to self correct though muscle energy techniques, or if you have a therapist, they can help reset the dysfunction using muscle energy techniques.

So what is the purpose of me posting this up. For a long time, I have had days at the track where I had no power out of the gate and my second pedal was sloppy. Before knowing I had a dysfunction in the SI joint, I would always say, "I feel out of wack." When I had the gate dialed and my first and second pedal were on point, I generally had a feeling of being balanced. When you are out of balance, the joint out of place will not allow the muscle to perform to their full potential. Over the last year, I have had less issues with the SI joint being rotated, because I have built up stability in this joint by also strengthening my hip abductors, adductors as well as my core strength, to allow more power to transfer from my body to the drive train.

I also attended a seminar dealing with foot pathologies, which also tied into the alignment of hips and having a true leg length discrepancy. The facilitator explained that he has put lifts in road cyclist shoes and their pedal stroke became more efficient and even for both legs.

this is just some talking points and to serve up as some education if you might be suffering from sloppy form out of the gate and experiencing unexplained loss of strength in one of the lower extremities.
This was very interesting stuff Tommy. Even though I don't fully understand how the body does what it does, I love learning none the less. Your post reminded me of this video I ran across a few weeks ago. I was wondering if the leg length discrepancies you're talking about might have something to do with the temporary paralysis in the beginning of this video.

[url=""]Video link[/url]

The other interesting thing is at the end of the video when they talk about what primary muscles you're using dictate where your eyes should be focusing. Of course this made me think about gate starts and pedaling. Could this pertain to bmx

Big Bird

Great post!

I've also seen similar with upper body issues (like from shoulder or wrist injuries) causing people to come out of the gate side-to-side, rather than in a straight line.
Great stuff here.

For years, I had back problems, specifically in my L4 and L5. Recently, we found out that my right leg is shorter, causing my pelvis to tilt, and putting a bunch of pressure on L4 & L5. One of my docs suggested a 3mm heel insert in my shoes, and it has helped a bunch.

So now, how does that problem transfer to my riding, and how can I fix it? The inserts are for the heel portion only, so I don't think it would make a difference in my pedal stroke. Would you suggest a 3mm full length insole?

my 2nd pedal would almost have a lag, and i would actually pull to the shorter side, because of the leg length. over the last few weeks, i have been messing around and have put a 5mm total insert into my shoe. aside from my foot being a little cramped, i have found that my cadence feels smoother with less chop on the 2nd pedal and better mechanics.

my boss was teaching me how to determine RAINN or a LPINN. generally, most folks are going to have a RAINN and if you have them lay onto the left, and test the right hip abductors, you will find that you will be able to push them down fairly easy. after you have corrected the RAINN and retest them, you will find that their strength will be a lot better.

before learning about building strength and stability of the total joint, I was just focused on linear type of musculature, rather than lateral musculature. I was like, i go in a straight line, why do i need to to worry about hip abductors, adductors? those are chick issues, i'm not doing that goofy machine where you open and close your legs. well, after experience an injury due to my weakness in the lateral hip and learning more about the importance of building a stable joint, please don't be a one dimensional rider.

i would love to have access to an SRM power tap to do more research in this area. i believe it can be the difference maker on and off the track.
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