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Not sure if you guys read this post

I only found out about bmx action magazine from a neighbor, it must have been around 1988 or 1989, he has/had all these magazines stored individually to keep them in primo condition.

I dont know much about the bmx hall of fame but, I do look at the list of riders that were inducted over the years and do remember seeing photos of these riders in the bmx action magazine publication.

This leads me to my next question: This guy name Harold McGruther posted the below comment, reading what he said, I get the feeling he is a bit bitter!

In HOF's for all other major sports you don't become eligible for nomination until you've been retired for 5 years. This is probably why the Garret Reynolds of the world aren't in it. In recent years the list of inductees has gotten a little weird. Al Fritz is a good super inside industry pick, however, and I love it. Steve Johnson's absence is egregious. Basically, the BMXHOF is a cronie club and a sham. Adding George Esser and Steve Johnson would help tremendously to improve the reputation of what is essentially Craig Barrette's pet project. This humble servant of both men in their respective heydays would greatly appreciate ABA's attempt to correct this oversight.
Really? Harold is a great guy with some history behind him. But he might not be totally informed on the HOF process. They are chosen by a combination of Hall Of Fame peers, industry people and a few others that have a close connection to the sport.

It is far from being "Gork's Pet Project." Gork was with the ABA years ago, worked for Redline for MANY years and only rejoined the ABA recently. While some may feel the selections come sometimes too soon (including mysef) , the process is as fair as it can be and is out of the ABA's hands and they cannot be held for someone's perceived "oversights" simply because <insert name here> is not chosen that year.

Shannon Gillette, BA, (Gork recently) and many others work hard to make the HOF possible. I seen their how hard they all work in the midst of trying to put up a National. One of these days the people you mention (and others just as deserving such as pioneers John Palfreyman and Doug Takahashi and Torker/DB Guru Sandy Finkleman) will be there. To call it a cronie club is a bit exagerated unless you see present HOFers such as Greg Hill, Stu, Dave Clinton, Red and others as cronies.
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