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There were 18 riders total. I was one of 3 who went down in the main so I couldn't tell you order of finish. I know Fred Yanke and Tim Ferry were in the mix. It was fast, that's for sure. Looking forward to the rest of the series, I just hope it gets more hype.

Bob Fugate
Jeff V
Nice job on making the main Bob.
Thanks! Yeah, I had "the Monday morning limp" but it felt good in that weird BMX way.
Click to view attachmenthere are main results courtesy of Track Director
Just about a month (May 26) till the next round at Imagination Glenn/Steel Wheels outdoor, Alienation is already on board with some killer parts to go to the series winner, and the date is set fot the Hire Park round and that is July 14th with the final being at Full Crank BMX in MI on July 27th...cmon out and get your race on, top 3 scores determine the overall winner!
Its coming up quick, may 26th, 2nd round of the OLD GUNS SHOOTOUT! should have the wheels all finished and on display thanks to the folks at Alienation, and of course number plates for all who make the main among other things, should be a great race!!
Wheels are built and ready for the winner of the series! come get some at Hire park the 14th of july and in Bangor MI at Full Crank BMX the 27th of july!
Almost looks like some Suzue high-flange action on that front hub. smile.gif

Good-lookin stuff right there, Dex!
It's Back!!!! Feb 1st, Steel Wheels BMX!!!2014!!!!
are you looking for sponsors?
Always looking for someone to lend a hand, be it physically, financially, or just some product... this race is all about having fun for the old guys!
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