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Fairly new to BMX - have 13 yr old freezing his butt off in midwest and he's in love with BMX. Kids been doing sprints like crazy when its above freezing trying to get ready for Guthrie. My question is what kind of sprints/intervals should he be doing. We have some elevation in our neighborhood with a couple of decent hills but I obviously worry about him flying downhill at warp speed. Also other than sprints are rollers a worthwhile investment--saw J&R and DansComp both have them but wasn't sure if worth the $$-thanks
see Coach G over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> at BMXTRAINING.COM , he has great programs and advice.
Uphill, downhill, standing start, flat, clips, grass. There is so many to do. It's tough to get your head wrapped around it.

I know a lot of guys have their own distinct programs but I think the core is definitely: flat ground, downhill, standing start and sprinting while already going fast. How many and how far is also another distinction. Full speed is good to go longer while standing start is more like a snap and then sprint to the first jump type of training. So continue to look out there and see what you can find!
Keep things simple with a 13 yr old.

Do a mixture of up down and flat, i'd keep the volume on the lower side... no point in burning him out.

mon- uphills 6 rev, (strength)

wed- downhill 10 rev (top end spin + leg speed) if you want more top end or at high speed accelerations you can have him do downhills from a rolling start

friday- flat ground 6 rev (focus on staying straight keeping shoulders and hips in line) youngsters tend to lack the strength and power to really stay inline so it's important to make sure they do not develop any bad habits that may rob them of acceleration abilities.

that is just something simple you can work worth. Like rodney said coachG has pretty balanced sprint programs that are up to 12 weeks in length you can purchase and may be a good idea if you feel you've already done something simple like i've mentioned and are looking for the next step in his performance.

Good luck!
this is meant for specifically sprint training for BMX

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