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I need some assistance \ guidance. I want to bring back my 81 (?) Redline MXII to its original glory. The frame & fork have minor rust & normal scratches from when I raced it as a kid. Handle bars & rims have minor oxidation. Chrome cranks need work or replaced. All original bearings are in perfect shape. Free wheels on flip flop hub still spin perfect and all rust was easily removed. Haven’t had a chance to see if the KKT pedals are going to come apart easily to repack the bearings. UNI seat is the only item in perfect condition. What route should I take now? I’ve seen posts on soaking the frame in vinegar to remove rust. Does this work for oxidation on aluminum (bars & rims). I have no intentions of ever selling it but like most old items, I don’t want to diminish the value by doing any restoration that would reduce its value. Would it be o.k. to have the frame stripped & repainted? Any recommendations for period specific replacement parts. Where is the best place to locate “old school” parts without being robbed? Any recommendations for a painter \ refinisher? Can the aluminum be repainted? As you can see I have a lot of questions. Currently I don’t have a budget for restoration and want to get it back to riding condition but want to spend the $$ wisely. My goal is to retain as many existing parts as possible and only replace those necessary.
I had a Proline the same color and it was a total PIA to strip just to warn you. Vinegar will work for rust but not for aluminum oxidation and in some cases, I have had it damage annodized parts. They tend to lose their brightness if left in vinegar very long. All in all, it doesn't look horrible. I would do a vinegar soak for a few hours to make sure you kill the rust, especially inside your tubing. Go over your anno parts with an aluminum cleaner that is safe for anno and deal with your crank issue. You have a pretty decent survivor there and IMO, a survivor is way cooler than a totally restored ride, especially when you can remeber why you have the battle scars.
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