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The M.O.T.O.S. are once again hosting the vintage bike show at the ABA Grands. The dates for the show will be Friday 11/25 and Saturday 11/26. We had over a 100 bikes this year so we'll have lots of great stuff to check out. It'll break down like this:

The bike room/display area will be open Friday and Saturday, but Saturday will be when the judging of bikes takes place.

People are welcome to hang out Friday and Saturday. More bikes will roll in on Saturday, and the public voting for the individual classes will be done on Saturday from 10:30am to 3:00pm. The winner will be announced at 4:00 pm.

The Best of Show will be picked from the winners of the 7 different classes by a panel of experts. The M.O.T.O.S. are hosting, so we pick the expert judges.

Awards will be given for each class, and the Best of Show winner will have his name engraved on the big trophy and will get to rip the number plate off of the handlebars of the big trophy and keep it to commemorate the life-changing event that is having a Best of Show bike at the M.O.T.O.S. bash.

Here's the classes:

1. M.O.T.O.S. class 79 and earlier
2. 80 and up Race
3. freestyle
4. crusier
5. pitbike
6. Mid school
7. Retro and custom

Come on down and enter your bikes for free to try and win the Cash Matthews BIKE of the year Trophy and number plate!

almost time! Bikes bikes and more bikes!
Still up in the air but if we make it I will have two or three for the show! Looking forward to it!
Going to be a big one this year!! One week away!!
Cash Matthews
Man, having my name on that trophy might induce me to drive to Tulsa....gotta think about!!!

Thanks for letting me be part of the celebration. You guys have done some amazing work!
You know we vote for you coiming up Cash!! Take you to RIIIIB CRIIIB.... smile.gif
Well, another Grands has come and gone, which means another M.O.T.O.S. show has come and gone as well. We had 70ish bikes, which is great considering that we left some of the M.O.T.O.S. members' bikes at home this year. We had more bikes from outside the club than ever. Here's a few pics from the show. The M.O.T.O.S. would like to say a special THANKS! to Jeff "JT" Tollefson for hauling bikes down from MN. We hope you'll be back!

More pics:

Still more pics:

And the winners -

'79 and earlier - Bill "billn" Nicholson - "A" model Yamaha Moto-Bike

'80 and up race - Sorry, I can't remember the owner's name - he'll speak up - JMC Black Shadow

Cruiser - Dale "Ridale" Riley - Redline PL24 Dale's the TO for the ABA track in Miami, OK by the way

Retro/Custom - Bill "billn" Nicholson - 2006 Giant STP/OM Flyer tribute

Mini/Pit - Jeff "JT"Tollefson - Cook Bros. Pitbike

Freestyle - Nolan Booth - Hutch TrickStar

Best in Show - JT's CBR Pit!

Thanks to all those who brought bikes and helped out.
With the last ABA Grand Nationals ever and with never being able to go to one I finally decided to check out the buzz with the Grands and the M.O.T.O.S. Vintage show.

The M.O.T.O.S. crew were so gnarly, hospitable, fun, and know their 70's history!!! In between checking my racing motos we totally chilled talkin' on a variety of OS BMX topics. Everyone was diggin' the bikes, kids, parents, racers, and some of the staff working at the QT arena!

The guys even took me to the infamous Rib Crib where the wait staff just love guys from Minnesota! I was so impressed with it that I went there the next night and I had the best ever chicken tenders!

If you guys love anything Vintage and racing action this is the place to be! Again such a great group of guys who love BMX and glad I finally got down to Tulsa to experience this!

Thanks again for the great time/memories!

I had a great time as always. I always feel welcome at the motos show. Ever since I first stumbled in with a few bikes several years ago. Already looking forward to next years show.
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