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Full Version: what S&M model do I have ? > VintageBMX Talk > Mid School BMX
Mr. Smith
Thanks for reading.
Yesterday I picked up this frame from a LBS.
It was sold to me as a '96 Holmes.

Frankly I can not tell the difference between the dirtbike & the holmes.

The serial number is SMD 6772. The "D" leads me to believe it's a Dirtbike but I don't know.

The TT length is 20" and the rear lower stay measures 15" from center of BB to center of rear drop.
TT diameter looks to be 1 1/4" od.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, that is a Dirtbike. Holmes would have a 21" TT and HXL serial number.

Mr. Smith
Thank you.

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. wink.gif

Thats a cool find. I think wagonguy is right on. I was only thinking about the chain stay being longer but a holmes should definitly have a longer TT also.
Yep, a Holmes has a longer TT. At the time, it was one of the longest TT in regular production.
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