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CW Racing Hollywood Mike Miranda Limited Edition Race Kits with sequential serials. Hers is the blue one.

Those things are beautiful, can't wait to see you dress them up Martin. CW/Mike really did a great job with this project.
We sure did!
Damn they are absolutely gorgeous ohmy.gif
More photos of the chrome one:

QUOTE ( @ Aug 13 2011, 04:33 PM) *
We sure did!

Damn, that's right, my apologies. I completely spaced the fact that you were behind this project.

Kudos to you and the team. These are the sexiest frame sets I've seen in quite some time. good2.gif
i am always a sucker for chrome but that blue one is really beautiful. i am sure this is a stupid question but what is the finish on that?
if these are like any of martin's other rigs, they will be top shelf. Good stuff.
I couldn't crank an axle nut on those drops. It's like art. Like buying a Saleen S331 truck, and using it for work to haul motors and pumps around in.

I saw some of the new sets at Rkfd 2010, and man they're beautiful!
Bill Hayden
Ahhh Chrome, a more elegant finish, from a more civlized time. I miss chrome, they look great!!
That blue is banging bro, they look beautiful.
ohhh .... myyy.... goshhh .....

soooo beautiful !
I want one so bad.
They are very sweet. Are they rideable yet? I would love to see what they look like finished. Would love a 26" version.
What did CW stand for? Was it 'Coast Wheels', another brand around at the time (early 80s) known to advertise its BMX frames?
QUOTE (nighttimer @ Dec 4 2011, 01:02 AM) *
What did CW stand for? Was it 'Coast Wheels', another brand around at the time (early 80s) known to advertise its BMX frames?

CW began as a bike shop owned by Roger Worsham in the 1970s called Coast Wheels. It was located in Yorba Linda California, near Anaheim. Coast Wheels evolved into CW Racing in 1980 and grew phenomenally during the early to mid 1980's. CW stood for Custom Works as it does today.

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