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When I've bought new school bikes for my Kids from the dealer I have managed to get along with the bike a replacement decal kit, in the view that when they get older they can do a resto. Redline MX20.....2004 Mongoose. so I just bought a retro PK which has the red decals. My dealer says the distributor in Aussie is a blank for parts and decals. Are the kits produced at all for the retro bikes??.

Thanks. been out of it for a while should have known.
I have them in stock.....
Click HERE
Hey cool Lew. Love the '09s. This is mine.

Nice one Kurt I like the white. Mine is a matt grey, no pics yet as I'm waiting for my set of retro alloy flange red TUFF's. biggrin.gif did you get a red pad set with yours? red/white wings?. Mine are red but the wings are matched to the matt grey frame....tricky stuff
Yeah the red padsets have matched graphics. Mine is the matte grey too!

I have turned the amount of red way down over the last couple of months and changed out a lot of parts. Have a set of the '10 forks in chrome on her now too as they are about 2/3 of a pound lighter than the earlier forks. I'll have to take some better pics on the weekend.

Geez great minds think alike Lew!
Yeah they look white in pics.

cant wait for the Tuffs now. picked up a spare set of decals from Edd.
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