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Full Version: X Games 17 ! > BMX NOW > Dirt, Vert, Park, Street & Flatland BMX
Just a reminder.

X games 17 is in L.A. this weekend from Thursday the 28 through Sunday the 31. ESPN is covering it with some local channels as well. BE THERE or WATCH IT!!!!!!

I just saw some pictures of the set ups over at ridebmx's site and its going to be awesome. The street actually looks like a street this time.
Show starts @ 7pm EST.
Enjoy the show.
Crazy lots of crahes in bmx vert.
I cant believe the let the guys skate w/o pads or helmets.
I hope I'm not sounding like a parent too much.
Nice to see commentators give props to Brian Blyther being in attendance.
Thanks BB.
crazy how Pastrana thought he broke his right foot... hard wreck wacko.gif
QUOTE (Glen @ Jul 28 2011, 10:45 PM) *
Crazy lots of crahes in bmx vert.

Vert hasn't happened yet.
Guys were throwing down and crashing hard in "big" Ramp vert.
Ramp took its toll on many a rider.
As a personal note I have ridden a few ramps in my life and I for one could never
think of riding anything that radical.
X-Games disappoints me greatly these days. Big Air is not really big's more like just try to hold on and everyone just crashed out from trying some trick. Some of the guys there were a joke to me...they just did half a backflip and flung the bike around like crazy and let go almost like they had no clue what they wanted to do. The Park course was very bland to me. I think it was the wrong setup. A park course like they had probably wouldn't have allowed Mirra to pull the first double backflip in a comp or do the no-handed 360 backflip(IMO every park course needs a good box jump). Maybe I'm bias against the concrete style parks that mimic a pool or something. I don't know. The missing Dirt really bugs the heck out of me. I'd much prefer that to Enduro x...seriously. Rally? Boring...

The street course was the highlight of the whole thing IMO. It could be my tastes are different from what ESPN wants to do. I simply think they're neglecting the sports they claim to promote only to put big names in there like Travis Pastrana, ken Block, and Dave Mirra. Without Rally only travis might show for fmx, and you knew ahead of time he was gonna try the 720 and wreck with possibility of injury. Should have put that contest at the end.

Oh well...I like what Red Bull does with their tour/series. Even Dew tour disappoints me a bit. I'd rather watch Wakeboarding which is pretty cool sometimes than see an american idol viewer voting popularity contest posing as a street video comp and a best wip comp. I also don't think Rally fits at all. It's about money and that's it.
I watched like I do every year. Steve McCann was straight robbed! 3x tailwhip at height and a clean no hand 900? He deserved that win. Jamies riding was good, but totally stock. Whatevs, its on an entertainment network, they can do what they want. JD
Yeah I was really just venting before. I don't think what the X-Games was originally intended is what we see today. Ahh well.
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