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Full Version: Newbie 24" Quad build > Special Interests > Retro New School
Hi Guys, first post and first ever build so be gentle with me! Got my 2011 Quadangle delivered a few days ago and i'm now in the process of getting the build list together. I've a fair idea of how i want things to look but i'm struggling with hubs and rims. I'm thinking of polished Bullseye hubs matched up with a set of Odyssey Gold Hazard Lite Rims topped off with some Comp 3's. But i cant find anywhere that sells 24 gum/skinwalls. Does this seem like a decent retro new school set up? Any ideas where you can pick the tyres up and finalllly can anyone point me in the right direct for some instruction on how to put an SE headset together. Cheers guys!
I picked up a set of 24x1.75 skinwall CST comp III style tyres from They seem like a fairly accurate recreation of the Comp IIIs from BITD, unfortunately that includes the pressure rating of 35 or 40 psi. I have them on my 1984 Predator, so far they work great.
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