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I recently found my old Redline in my parents shed. It's been sitting in there since roughly 1988-1990. Is there somewhere I can get the model and manufacturer date by pluggin in the serial number on the frame?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

mr coasterbrake
probably not the model, but post the serial for the year.
will post pic and serial # tomorrow.
Serial # R89040433
Frame styled like the RL20B, maybe not the orig forks, and possible repaint/decal unless it's some later model that used the same/similar frame.
My guess is that's the early 90s successor to the 20-B. I forget the model name though. Is the downtube oval or round? If it's oval then it is an RL-20B if round then it's the later model.
Looking at the serial; woulnd't that be a 1989? So, a 1990 model maybe?
Beyond that i'm clueless.
RL-20II Guy
That is the 1989 RL-Two-Five. That appears to be all original too, forks and all.

Like this one below....


Yeah, mine is identical to the red model posted. Forks are original. This is exactly the way the bike rolled out of the shop. It's def 1990 or before. but thanks for the info everybody. Much appreciated. I'm in the process of getting it up to par now. Purchased a set of flight cranks, looking for rims now. Was never a mag kinda guy...
Stephen... did somebody bend the hell out of those bars?
My bike should be finished within a week. I'll def post pics. She's going to be SWEET!!!!!
Well, here it is. I'd say it's 98% done. I'm holding out for a 4 or 6(preferred) bolt Forklifter stem... other than that (maybe some pegs) I'm good to go. She rides like a champ!!
very cool....i like that chainwheel...what brand is it?
QUOTE (oldschoolrider88 @ Aug 15 2011, 05:49 PM) *
very cool....i like that chainwheel...what brand is it?

it's a Redline Design. I'm guessing that's whqt they are called now??? Found it on ebay. 36T. (w/ 11T rear)
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