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Full Version: UK - 2011 OM Flyer build > Special Interests > Retro New School
A VERY BIG thankyou to Dave Stodgy, Bubbs and Pete at the RADBMX shop UK for all their help, advice and hummor, good on you boys drinks.gif

Pete you missed out on free Pizza at the shop today

Dave you've done me proud - thanks again :daumenhoch:

My new summer scoot around bike: hope you like

Dang nice build for a Pommy wink.gif If I seen it from a distance I'd think it was an old school OM.
that my friend is on good lookin OM. I tip my hat to you sir.
I have been waiting to see this for so long and it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!

great job Dan sun_bespectacled.gif

Nice job cool.gif
Thats an awesome looking OM Flyer!!
Here's the parts rundown:

2011 - 26" SE Racing - OM Flyer f&f
Se Cruiser Bars
Ame Grips
ESP Throwback Stem
Chris King Headset
Paul Motolite Brake
Paul Love Lever
SDG Bel-Air Seat
Fusion Seatpost
Araya Rims
TNT Revolver Hubs
Profile Splined 180mm single speed cranks
Hutch retro Pedals
Your brake lever is on the wrong side just like your steering wheels! J/K
Nice build, the brown seat adds a nice touch.
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