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Chevron Envy
You gotta show the love for Jim C @ Sunday Bikes. He's done a TON of innovation the last 4 years with his product line.

And don't forget about Odyssey either, Jim B, is the MAN! Look at the stuff THAT company puts out, talk about innovation!

Who thinks there are ANY new school bike companies that are doing a better job than these two?
S&M? Faction? Tree? G-Sport?

I'm sure there's more.....
I'll agree on S&M & Tree. Faction I'm not sold on. Tried a 22" over the last summer & didn't like it. It felt sluggish & slow when compared to my Sunday Model-C.
And G-Sport is part of Odyssey. In fact G-Sport George is one of the designers behind many of Sunday's innovations.

I'm a big Sunday fan, so I gotta agree with Chevron's post. I have a Funday & a Model-C. Both great bikes & I don't see replacing them anytime soon.
I'll agree that the current Faction probably rides like a slug. BB seems way too low and the back end seems way too long.

I included them in my post because I believe they are being innovating by trying to step outside of the standard bmx box. They are supposed to be bringing out a new frame this year that I think should ride better.
oldschool phil
I like Sunday, 41 thermal is good, the new completes are ok, I saw them in the bike store yesterday. Front brakes would be nice on the forks.
oldschool phil
I stand corrected about the 990' on the forks. Just ordered a pair $165 online. Pricey for a cromo fork. Hopefully it's top notch.
Here is my 11 year olds Sunday.
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