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I am looking for someone to make a set of 26" Redline 70's-type nickel forks for my retro build.
Need a them to be traditional 1" steer tube.

Anybody have any recommendation about who can build these?
Please post here or send me a PM.

Many thanks,


Standard Bykes can make them.
QUOTE (larryS @ Feb 4 2011, 06:18 PM) *
Standard Bykes can make them.

Thanks. I'll check with them.

Anybody know another builder who can build me some forks?

Standard bykes hasn't returned any messages.

get ahold of nvmyslowride on here, he'll hook you up on the custom stuff
LMK What you need
QUOTE (seracingman @ Feb 12 2011, 06:11 AM) *
LMK What you need

Will do. I have a couple of projects I'd like to talk with you about.

try True Torch. They have them in 26. I have them making some in 24 threaded. I have a double clamp stem from them...Super nice !
Standard hold me they dont really build 26" and 29" forks. I know they can but its not a priority for them.

Just a crazy idea have a frame guy cut off the headtube and replace it with an 1 1/8" that would open up lots of doors for you, all though it might not be the style your looking for.
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