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Full Version: US companies slackin' on sposoring girls > BMX NOW > Dirt, Vert, Park, Street & Flatland BMX
It's wierd. Other countries, with only a few companies, and even fewer girl riders, tend to sponsor a very diproportionate amount of girl riders.
Take the UK. BSD sponsors Angie Marino, Superstar sponsors Kaylie Ashworth, forget who sponosrs Joey Gough, and there are a couple others.

US... Nina Buitrago sponsored by DK. Corey Coffe USED to ride for specialized... I can't think of any others...
what girls dont have sponsors? Every shredder girl I see has some team jersey with sponsors on it. That Lauren shredder girl you posted rides for Supercross and that company alone has quite a few girls.

you sure?
HB... this is the Freestyle forum... lol.. I just assumed you guys would know what I am talkin' about, as well as the names I posted.

Freestyle girls get loads of support in other countries, even though they are not as numerous, and there aren't as many companies. it's just wierd.
QUOTE (woodybmx86 @ Jan 27 2011, 02:43 PM) *
forget who sponosrs Joey Gough

Deluxe, no?

This video of her impressed the heck out of me. She rips.
In other countries, BMX is accepted more as a unisex sport. Here, in the USA, it's still considered a boy's club. Mostly in part because guys can be real jerks to girls who dare to ride BMX bikes. Sad, but true.
Xavier Mendez
Peta Shepard from Austrailia has some sponsors and she is Sick!!!

Check this You Tube video from 2010 BMX Masters in Germany.

Other countrys really support Girls and BMX.

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