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getting ready to add on my mini half in barn didnt know if anybody had info on frameing a 90 degree bowled outcorner any info would help, thanks Tim biggrin.gif
there is a thread on bmxboard about this. One of the members there made an app for it JD
hahaha... you got the ok. nice.
which side?
best way ive seen is to cut a whole bunch of side transitions just like the Quarter they will be coming out of and space the tops apart while leving the bottom part togeter... thats the frame of the bowl. Then you can get all techy with the brace cuts... you gotta cut em angle and crap. you can even mitre the face of them with an curve to make it more smooth... but that's really overkill in my opinion.
then just layer it over. You'll have to cut smaller pieces for the bottom and fit em in all puzzle-like.
I haven't gotten to puttin the curve wall in mine yet... no money. sigh.
Nate gonna go on the corner where the fireplace was then a extension on otherside,that kinda what i was thinking on the framing,thanks for info,
I wanted to build a corner between two 1/4 ramps this spring,to form a 90. But may just do a 6', 1/2 pipe. I will be leaving mine outdoors does tarping outdoor ramps preserve their life?
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