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Seattle Bike Supply is voluntarily recalling 200 Redline bicycles priced at about $900 due to reports that the head tube on the bicycle can separate from the frame, causing the rider to lose control and fall.

The Kent, Wash., company said it is aware of eight such reports, including four in which riders suffered minor scrapes and cuts.

The recall, done in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, involves all 2008 Redline D640 bicycles. The bikes are black, have aluminum frames and were sold at specialty bike stores nationwide from December of 2007 through May of 2010.

Consumers were advised to stop using the recalled bikes and contact a Redline bicycle dealer to receive a free frame replacement.

Just thought I'd post this in case one of the 200 belong to a VBMX member. If it's bad form to post this (assume not since it's a voluntary recall) or if this isn't the right place, please delete it/move it. Thanks.
The D640 is a MTB bike not BMX bike
I believe my bike is in this recall. We will see what happens........
QUOTE (ShadowHunter @ Dec 9 2010, 12:24 PM) *
The D640 is a MTB bike not BMX bike


Why yes, yes it is.
Shoud've image searched that before posting. I didn't even know RL made MTB's. Living up here, you'd think I would have seen one before.

I guess someone here may have one or know someone with one so there is that.
Thanks for moving this, Mike. I was trying to edit the title (to EXACTLY what you made it), but either that's not possible or I just wasn't sharp enough to figure it out.

Either way, thanks for the move/retitle/image!
Not a surprise... they has to recall their cyclocross forks last year for breaking...
It's not this one, is it?

Oh wait, that's not a Redline.
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