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Full Version: City spends $50,000 > BMX NOW > Dirt, Vert, Park, Street & Flatland BMX
Took my son to the "Lunch Loop" late this afternoon. The City and BLM just spent $50,000 putting in a dual slalom course, pump track, and dirt jumps. The scene was dominated by kids who have raced BMX at our track or who were at least familiar with the track. Many of them still race.

I hung out, wrenched a bit, and tried to recruit those who had never been to the track. I sure could have used the $50,000 at the track but at least now people have another place to ride.

Next time you are in Grand Junction, check out the "Lunch Loop".
ok, how does one go about promoting something like this to their city?

there is a 50 acre plot of land in my city that's been sitting for as long as i can remember (been here over 30 years). it would be awesome if the city could put something like this, or a track in.
Wheelie Nelson
I have a company that I'm trying to get going (Sprocket Science) that will utilize concrete lips to dirt landings and will minimize maintenance and reduce building costs.
I've got the method figured out and will be putting a big lip in down at 9th street in the coming weeks.
Pictures and updates to come.
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