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I don't know how many people around here are like me. The video that has impacted me the most in this whole "BMX" thing was Anthem. It came out in 1997 and was shot all in black and white by Stew Johnson. It covered the Pennsylvania scene and it left a huge impact on me mostly for documenting that amazing trails scene. I've never ridden PA trails but I have ridden "dirt" all of my life in the various places I've lived (mostly CA).

Anyway, there has been talk of a sequel for literally, years. It's finally set to drop. I honestly can't imagine how this video is going to live up to all the hype surrounding it. It has been so long and really, riding has changed so much in that time. Even so, I can't wait to see this one. I still have an original Anthem VHS tape sitting in a box in my house and this is probably the most anticipated video ever for me.

I had heard that Brian Foster was going to have a part but that looks like it didn't pan out but either way it should be good. I can't wait.
thats REAL bmx
QUOTE (rennenfan @ Nov 2 2010, 05:58 PM) *
thats REAL bmx

For reals...
C Panzera
The premier will be @ T-1 this Saturday.... should be nuts. I got friends coming down from CO,OK, and N.Texas all taking up floor space. All the trails are running good too, so good times are abound! Yay Trails.
Round 2 BMX will also be doing a Premier at the Altar Bar,
South Side, Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 21 @ 7pm all ages.......
round three should be going down at the Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, IN at 7:30PM.
Got my copy in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to watch it.

Looks like BF has some footage in the "friends" section. Not a full part but still good to see that he'll be in there.

Stoked that this thread is off the hook. [/sarcasm]
hahaaha... stoked this entire section is off the hook! har.
Missed the dang premiere in the Fort, then today missed the one at the Flow.. oh well, I got the premiere one coming. Heard Joey freakin Garcia has some clips in it. oh yeah.
Watched it last night and it was really good. BF's little part was really short but it was good.

Yeah, Joey Garcia got a few clips and it looks like he hasn't skipped a beat. Aside from knee surgery I think.

That was one of the cool parts of the video was that some of the guys from the first video got little clips. Groundchuck and Jason Stieg were examples of that although Joe Rich, Taj and Stauffer were absent.

Overall good video with a good feel. I was cringing at some of Sean Burns crashes, they were brutal.

The "friends" sections were a little too rapid fire for me. It was like one clip each from 100 different riders. I guess I'm too old.

Anyway, much anticipated and it turned out great.
Watched this again over the weekend. What's really cool about this video is that Stew included the original Anthem vid as well as a bunch of his old videos on a second disc (Scum 1201, Push Tweekers, etc).

I watched the first Anthem video again and it is amazing how much that video inspired me.

I get into debates in the racer section about whether "trails" is "BMX" and it just gets so frustrating that people can't differentiate what they see in this video from what they see at the Dew Tour. I know it's just my personal pet peeve but if you can't tell the difference between what Brian Foster and James Foster do it almost seems like you shouldn't be allowed to call yourself a BMXer. I watch Punjab's section of him flowing at Push and I just can't bring myself to say "freestyle".

But whatever, it sucks getting old and becoming bitter.
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